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Kaitan's War


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Dinner is now being served to the Emperor, and Faris XI had invited the Ixian ambasdor to dine with him.

Poison snoopers scanned over the dishes, nothing wrong.

Then silver chopsticks were used, still nothing.

Then it's the turn for food tester. He was the one that had been on the position the longest, 5 years...He took a piece of chicken and chewed on, then swallowed.

"Nothing's wrong, Emperor, except that it tasted more salty and a bit charred then normal." said the tester as he moved his fork to another dish. Before he could do so, he stumbled on the floor, lifeless.

"Had the food be served to the troops yet?" asked Faris XI.

"No....no Emperor, no one dines before you had finished! I don't know anything! Have mercy, Emperor!" replied the servent, shaking.

"Even the poison snoopers can't tell...Emperor, most likely the Tleixans." suggested Ambessdor D'Newt.

"Alexis!" Faris XI summons the burseg in rage.

"Yes Emperor!"

"You will personally address an announcement to everyone in the palace to refain from any food, espically your troops. Get your most trusted men to deal out the rations. Then order them to blockade the castle, no one shall leave!" ordered Faris XI.

At the same time a messenger arrives.

"Emperor, the men had arrived and is asking for further orders." said the messenger.

"What men? Alexis!" yelled Faris XI.

"I didn't issued that command, Emperor." Alexis replied tonelessly.

"How many of our troops had returned to the palace?" asked Faris XI clunching his fist.

"1500 men, Emperor." replied the messenger.

"That's more then enough to defend the palace! Anyway....Alexis!"

"I'll use them to help with the blockade. Actually, they would really be helpful in doing so."

"Good..." Faris XI speaks as he turned again to the ambassdor, "Ambassdor, your house had long be against the Tleixans. Do you have the equipment to deal with such situations?"

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The person that had dealt the blow, was of course, the very real Faris XI. Everyone was stunned, but none dared to take action. They just all drew their weapons and surround the "Emperors" and "guards". The corpse on the floor writhed for a while, then become faceless.(OOC: If the books had mention what happen to face dancers when they die, tell me. I've only read the first book :-)

"Kill the remaining imposters, guards!" ordered Faris XI.

"Don't listen to him! He is jsut trying to earn your trust by killing his own kind!" said another "Emperor".

"These two are both imposters, and are acting together!" added another "Emperor".

At the same time, Alexis finally lead his men to the scene.

"What is this all about!?" exclaimed Alexis.

"We've got face dancers here, Alexis." said all the "Emperors" in unison.

"You vile creature, stop imitating me!" yelled one of the "Emperors" to Faris XI in rage.

"How dare you speak like this to the Emperor!" Faris XI raises his blade to deliver a blow.

"Halt!" Alexis went forward to grab Faris XI's wrist with his right hand, "I'm sorry, but I can't take any riske, please forgive me for my rudeness, Emperor. I have a way to solve this." he grapped harder.

Alexis lead the "emperor" and "guards" to a slient-chamber. No one was inside except the "guards", "emperors" and Alexis' personal guards which were 100% clean. The "emperors" and "guards" all lined up with their respective "emperor" in a straight line.

"Emperor, sorry!" Alexis then delivered a blow to one of the "Emperors" with his right hand, and repreated the process with every men. After all of this, he withdrew another kris suddendly and sneaked on the guards next to an Faris XI, while his men repeated the process on a few other "guards" and "emperors". All the corpses revealed to be face dancers.

"Great wisdom, Alexis." praised Faris XI.

"No, Emperor, please punish me! I have allowed this to happen and even pointed the blade at you!"

"Raise. I didn't see any of that happen. Had any of you did?" Faris XI turns to look at the Sardukars.

"No, Emperor!"

"Very well. May everyone of you except Alexis leave the room please.

Alexis and Faris XI had a brief discussion. Then some orders were issued. No men will guard the entrances and the armory, while no men should go near to them also.

1200 men that had came to the palace by false order also dispatched to search for the Tleixans.

Both orders would not change unless directly spoken to by the Emperor in a certain room....

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OOC:Argh!Can't refrain from this anymore.I HAVE to join  :)


Ambassador/Representative/Diplomat:Felix Tamerlane



When all the chaos had started,Felix had calmly retreated underground with his force of 3000 men,waiting for the chaos to end.However,he felt that he and his men would get involved in fighting before all of it was over.However,so far,not getting involved was proving easy;The Emperor's demand to turn over all shields had proved ineffective,Felix merely ignored it,the assasination attempt,however,caught his eye,and added sparked an idea in his brain so destructive,so murderous...That it made him smile.

        Felix worked long into the night.Other petty matters,such as the fighting between the Sardaukar and Swordmasters didn't bother him;Almost nothing did,when he was plotting.

In the early hours of dawn,Felix finished his plot,simple,yet destructive.The cliffs weren't too far from the Imperial City...All he needed were 2 volunteers,a shield,and a lasgun.

Formal Message to the Bene Tleilax:

[hide]My dear Imperial brethren,

It has come to my attention that several of my soldiers are acting unruly,and I require several doses of mind-gnillortnoc(OOC:Read it backwards to understand it)drugs to calm them.


F TL[/hide]

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Clever,but I can see through such guises.Nevertheless,we are regarded as a renegade house anyway,so I am not too worried what happens with my DNA.However,if it is a possible negotiation tool,we will provide things you require.Money,perhaps?Or women?I do not think Tleilaxu are too interested in sexual intercourse,but I have a feeling that tells me you use them for something nasty...

F TL[/hide]

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Message to the BT, and ONLY them

[hide]We seek an alliance from your worthy house, and we also plan to fight the imperium, he seeks an alliance with us.[/hide]

Message to the Imperium, and ONLY them.

[hide]We will have to think of your offer, stay put.[/hide]

Iva Ick` stampered through the halls, finally finding the 2nd in command, Ypaygi, the most valuable asset to his 2995 men. He has survived many battles and such.

"We have sent back the message to the Emperor, and the BT." Smiled Iva Ick` Wryly.

"Good, very good." Toned Ypaygi.

"The plan shall soon go into affect, I hope." Says Iva Ick` Gratefully.

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