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Endless Days (House Battle)


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The rule was told cut, and clear, we gave you several warnings of this, and yet you proceeded to disregard it and simply try to denounce the U.H.C policies to protect the Diplomats. These Guards you speak of, were taken into a neutral cell and are being kept there under the presumption that you were staying for the meeting. These men can be picked up at anytime, they are not being held prisoner, but only as a neutral force. We shall submit no apology for your own disregard of U.H.C policies, irrelevant of your opinion.

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Ambasidor Calmidar sat at his desk on his computer viewing various things when a knock came at his door*

"Enter" he said. A guard came. "Sir, the chairmen would like a word..."

The Ambasidor got up and followed the guard to the Chairman's office. He entered and the door shut behind him. Ten minutes passed until the door opened again and the Ambassidor walked out with a smile on his face and he returned to his room. He sat down imidetialy and started to compose a message.

He sent the message and shut down his computer.


Lord Xavier sat at his desk in his huge maginificent office. A beeping came from his computer and he looked at it, it seemed he had a message from the Ambassidor. It was quite lengthy but he read it quite quickly. A grin came across his face and he reached for his phone on his desk. He picked it up and dialed*

"Commander, prepare the men and gather the fleet, were heading out."

Commander: Sir might I ask where we are going?

Xavier: It is none of your consirne for now. You will be informed in orbit. Gather a five legions of Imperial Guard and half the fleet. I want armor aswell packed up in transports. Have the ground forces ready on Maracuz, and the fleet orbiting. And prepare my battle cruiser, it hasent been out for quite awhile and being the biggest ship it should get some action.

Commander: Five legions sir?!?!

Thats alot of men , are we going to war?

Xavier: Do not question my orders commander, prepare the forces and I will see you on Maracuz. Be ready before the end of the week. That is all.

Commander: As you command m'lord!

Xavier set down the phone and got up and looked out his window, he grinned....

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Message to the UHC:

I have officially promoted each of the six men currently manhandled into your custody to the status of Official Diplomats and advisors to the Ambassador of House Rilynar. Namely, me.

They are thus subject to diplomatic immunity and are to be released to attend to their duties forthwith. I shall expect immediate compliance. My sister has taken similar steps with all personel on board her own ship and she will arrive in approximately one day to take over the diplomatic duties of House Rilynar here.

Sincerely, Alakimar Rilynar.

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"The battle for Rigle has begain." General Collins said to Rodrigues, The commincation was several hours old.

"Send The messege that we suport house Rilynar in its problems at the conference.

"Very Well."

Philip Ore was captain of one of the first assult frigates to enter the system, with a crew 16 the assult frigate was nimble, but it was still capabul of putting up a good amount of damage, it was a good mix between firepower and mobility.

"Sensors show first scouts of the Tolneps relife fleet." Petty officer Mendell said from behind him.

"Charge up weapons to full power, Ship to evasive manuvers, Join up with red 7 and 8 lets form a point." Ore said a officer nodded and a few momments later it happend.

"Bring up the enemy fleet." Ore said and in a few seconds a holographic image apeared on the screen.

The Tolnep fleet was larger then expected, two carriers 4 battlecrusiers several dozen destoyers and atleast 15 heavy crusiers, dozens of bombers and fighters.

The KYA fleet was

2 Maxxell class carriers.

3 DuGaull class battleships

20 cashew class heavy crusiers

45 star class destoyers

78 assult frigets

220 fighters

110 bombers.

"This is General Selim, All personel prepare for battle transmitting battle orders mommentarily."

Ore's Assult frigate nammed IIV, No one really knows why, it was just christened that and no one had came up with a better idea.

The ship formed a wedge with a dozen other frigates.

"Battleships are preping to fire."

The view changed for a momment, showing the battleships lining up on their sides. Explosions bristled on either side of them, Lasers flashed back and forth, their ships thick armor deflecting or abosrbing many of the shots.

Destoyers joined in the frey, firing shots at other destoyers and the dueling battleships.

Soon the battle was in full swing, neither side could claim the advantage of yet, the Tolneps faught with forocity and currage.



3 Kinyo Class Imperial Battleships

6 Maxell class Carriers

17 DuGaull Class Battleships

80 Cashew class Heavy Crusier

141 Star class Destoyers

242 Assult Frigates

734 Fighters

287 Bombers

Military Prduction Of the 15 current shipyards.

5 Kinyo Class Imperial Battleship1

25% Current 15% Per post.

8 Maxell Class Carriers

60% 15% Per post.

15 DuGaull Class Battleships

45% 15% per post.

25 Cashew class Heavy crusiers

80% 20% Per post.

85 Star class Destoyers

30% 10% per post.

50 Assult Frigates

75% 25% Per post.

420 Fighters

75% 25% Per post.

179 Bombers

45% 15% Per post.

Planets Defense Grid Complete!

System Wide Defense Grid

45% 5% Per post till further notice


85% 15% per turn



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The Zamzarrian Battle fleet sat motionless....waiting....in the darkness of space....

The size of the fleet was daunting,

1 Royal Elite BattleCruiser(Tiger Claw)

5 Zamzarrian BattleCrusers each carring 500 raptor class fighters)

10 Imperial Dreadnaughts

12 Frigates

15 Heavy Cruisers

3 Imperial Destroyers

20 Cargo ships (all together containing 5 legions of Zamzarrian Imperial Elite Guard and special forces team Alpha)



Con, Radar....


Go ahead radar


All's clear sir long range sensors detect nothing, we are clear across the board.


Affirmative , con out...

(aboard the Tiger Claw)

Commander Johnson came into the bridge and walked tword the captain's seat.


All the lower ranks stood up as the commander passed.....*

Commander: At ease

The commander approached the captains seat and stopped and went into attention and saluted*

Admiral Bradley: At ease Commander....

The commander went into a relaxed attention stance*

Commander: Sir all craft report all systems go.

Admiral: Very good, for now we hold until we recieve word from our friends....standby for more orders...

Commander: Yes sir!

The Admiral got up and headed for the door*

Admiral: Commander, you have the bridge.

Admiral Bradley walked down the corridor and entered his ready room. He grabbed a cup of tea and sat down and started to read a book..*

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The Dreslan carrier approached the docking area assigned to the House Dragoon diplomats.

<<Dreslan carrier, you are cleared for docking.>> came the voice over the comm system.

"Acknowledged, U.H.C.  Final docking procedures initialised." said the pilot / Draconite / diplomat.

The ship slowly but surely hovered into the space allocated to them, and engaged the parking locks.  Once the ship was secure, the engines disengaged, and the starboard hatch of the ship slid open noiselessly.  Raziel was first out, followed closely by two rows of 3 Draconites.  The "diplomats" were all wearing the same attire; grey body-suits, punctuated by several shining "glyphs".  These glyphs were batteries, and the suit made of super-conductive adamantium.  Underneath the suit, and covering every other patch of skin aside from their heads, was a suit of hardened insulating rubber.  The skin on their head shone like it was wet... it was in fact coated with insualting gel; waterproof and long-lasting.

Even Raziel wore this suit, except his was also equipped with bracers, elbow-pads and knee-pads.  And also, while the Draconites glyphs glowed yellow, his glowed blue.  The new arrivals were soon met by U.H.C. guards.

"Let me make one thing clear..." said Raziel in an assertive voice.  "If anyone tries to attack either me or my fellow diplomats, these Kinetic Shield Suits will return any intended damage back to the attacker."

"Then these are weapons?" the guard asked, slowly raising his gun.  Raziel stuck his hand out, and lowered the barrel calmly.

"No.  As long as we are not attacked, these suits can do no damage.  Trust me."  Raziel smiled.

After being inspected and found to have no weapons, the guards escorted the House Dragoon representatives to their quarters.

Message to the U.H.C.

"The diplomats of House Dragoon has arrived, and awaits the beginning of the meeting.


Raziel of House Dragoon."

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"So pleased you arrived safely, sister dearest." Alakimar smiled, bowing as Quavisstra stalked into the room. He noticed that she was still carrying her sound-sword, and glanced at it curiously.

"I arranged to have it kept with me." Quavisstra replied to his inquisitive look. "It will not leave this room until I leave the planet." She snorted, "As if I needed it anyway." She made a motion to someone standing outside the door, and it closed.

"And your, ah, diplomatic assistants?" Alakimar asked.

"Housed nearby under similar conditions." Quavisstra told him. "Although of course they have no weapons." The way she said it clearly indicated to Alakimar that his sister was plotting something, but he knew much better than to just ask her.

"How did you manage to 'arrange' this exactly?" He asked neutrally, moving over to a table and pouring a drink.

"That does not concern you." Quavisstra snapped, taking the drink and sniffing it closely. She reached into a pocket to produce a phial of clear liquid, which she poured into the wine. Alakimar nodded, smiling, while sipping his own drink. Checking for poison was standard practice for all Rilynar. Those that didn't, died.

Sipping his drink, Quavisstra was apparantly satisfied. She glared at her brother over the rim of her glass.

"Your disobeyance would ordinarily cost you dearly." She warned, "It is only fortunate that you were able to turn this situation to our advantage. But now it is time for you to leave, before you get any more ideas above your station."

"I had thought to remain for a day or two." Alakimar dared, "Trielayne is in no immediate need of me-" He noticed his sister's scowl deepen, "Valsharess Trielayne," he corrected himself quickly, "is in no immediate need of me, and you of all people know that I am more than capable of getting into and out of... interesting situations." He smiled, in direct reference to Quavisstra's last assassination attempt on him. His sister was unmoved. She glared at him for a while longer. Finally, she spoke.

"You will remain on the planet for the time being." She ordered, as if it had been her idea. "You will... listen. And you will obey my every command. Starting with 'leave.' Now."

Alakimar bowed, hiding his smirk, and left.

Only when her brother had left the room, and she had locked her door, did Quavisstra relax slightly. But not entirely. Her first move was to scour the entire room for scanning or bugging devices, with more than one tool that she kept hidden about her person. Then she examined the view from the window, glaring out at everything, squinting at the unacustomed light. Deciding that it was best to avoid that which was unfamiliar and potentially dangerous, she drew the curtains. Then she scoured the room again, this time searching for traps, tricks, anything dangerous. She positioned everything carefully, as she would in her own chambers. If she was disturbed or attacked here, she planned to be ready.

Finally satisfied, she stood in the centre of the room, pleased with her search, and that she had been able to conduct it uninterupted. Only then did she unstrap her sound-sword from her belt, and lay it carefully within easy reach. She took a moment to re-adjust her weight. Then, looking around the pleasently dim room, she smiled.

* * *

Alakimar slipped around the central complex, avoiding the patrols and passing effortlessly out of sight. Of course the fact that he was carrying absolutely no weaponry probably helped him avoid the sensors. He was also devoid of metal, aiding his silence. His black skin and hair, so different from his all-white sister's, helped him blend easily into the shadows. He already had an accurate mental map of the complex, and the quarters of the various diplomats. He had even met with a few of them.

An hour or two later he was back in his own quarters. His new quarters, since Quavisstra had taken the offical ambassadorial ones from him.

He slipped inside, and waited for the signals to start.

* * *

Triel sighed. She drummed her fingers gainst the armrests of her throne. Now that both of her siblings were gone life was certainly a lot easier, and a lot more boring. She missed their constant bickering and rivalry. She missed the thrill of danger and the constant sniping attacks they sent at each other. She was presiding over one of the most beneficial times her people had ever seen, but she was bored. The only person in the entire populance who was even close to being her equal in sparring was thousands of miles away, doubtlessly berating their brother.

Trielayne started, panicking for a moment. What if... What if without her around one of them finally succeeded in killing the other? Disaster! Trielayne's reign had been exemplified by a succession of brilliant decisions; most of which had been a balance between suggestions from Alakimar and Quavisstra. With only one of them advising her... Trielayne shuddered. She would have to work on her own and much as she relished that prospect, even she realised that she was not yet ready for that. She had to make sure that both of her siblings returned alive...

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A huge man was exiting the small grey transport vessel that had just landed, he was wearing a suite of the grey plaststeel armour used to the denizens of New Scandinavia, and on his shoulders were the insignia of the Eriksclan. As he walked towards the spaceport

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*Sigh* Someone's got to do something I suppose...

"Wander wander wander..." Alakimar sighed, pacing up and down the corridors of the UHC HQ. He had been wandering the complex for days now, memorising the entire layout and having fun laying minor booby traps in unexpected places. As he wasn't official ambassador any more, that post now being occupied by his sister, his time was free.

Hearing voices up ahead, Alakimar slipped into the shadows to the right, blending in perfectly. He didn't need to, but he found that it made him feel better.

An angry diplomat stormed past, his face covered with red paint. Alakimar grinned, it seemed that not all of the balloon-hurlers had been used up yet, he had thought they were all done. He listened as the diplomat grumbled to the staff around him, complaining that this was the second time and why couldn't the damn UHC catch whoever was doing this?

'At least it's not another bomb... Alakimar thought to himself as the diplomat continued down the corridors. Unspotted, he left the darkness and continued on his way.


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It was mere hours away from the U.H.C meeting and the faint sense of urgency loomed amongst every passageway. Deliberating whether or not to go out within the crowds of Diplomats, Ulyack sat in his room, gazing over a few papers of the newest political events.

Walking in past the guards the Advisor stood before the large Oak desk with a stiff poster.

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Luc walked into the empty room.  A large table adorned the room, and on the table sat place holders.  Each faction seemed to be represented.  He found his seat and noticed that it was right next to Quavisstra, someone who he detested but his old gaffer seemed to like.  This meeting was going to be interesting.

He noticed a servent approach out of the corner of his eye, he turned in one swift motion and queried

"So when is this meeting going to start?"

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"If it isn't in the very near future I shall become even more impatient." Quavisstra said archly, overhearing the inquiry. "I for one have better things to do than sit here in this poorly decorated, overly open room for the next eternity."

'Do be patient, sister dear...' Alakimar thought to himself, the bug he had planted on Quavisstra's clothing serving him well. 'I won't have any mishaps now...'

"I should hope that there weren't any more problems." Quavisstra continued pointedly, "Of course I'm sure our hosts can handle everything that might blow their way but we are," her voice took on a hard edge, "somethat delayed."

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Ambassidor Calmidar walked into the large meeting room. He found his spot that was clearly marked by the Zamzarrian flag and colors followed by a wooden sign that had a gold face plate that had his name and his house on it. He pulled out his chair and sat down. A stuard walked up and offered him coffee. He took a cup off the tray and set it down.

He leaned back in his chair and looked over across the table to see another diplomat sitting impatiently.

How long have you and the others been waiting here? Calmidar asked.

He picked up the steaming cup of coffee and sipped it...

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