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Endless Days (House Battle)


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Alright Im in for sure. This has been just what I/fanfic needed, a good quality Ghosthunter house battle!

House Zamzarr

House Zamzarr is a most mysterious force. Not much is known about them. They stay mostly to there home world and are not often seen anywhere else.

Home world: Thrackes Prime

The Ice world of Thrackes Prime is home to over 5,000,000,000 people. Since the surface is deadly cold at all times the people live underground. Violent ice storms and tremendously strong winds rage across the surface. 65 miles below the planets surface is the massive underground city. They stay close to the core of the planet for natural heating. The entire surface is made of ice. The ice is about 20 miles thick. The surface temperature is around 215 below zero and in the winter can even get to 500 degrees below zero. Soldiers are the only ones permitted out, and only with the use of a Environmental suit.

Economy: The primary resource on Thrackes Prime is a mineral called Terbidium Xioide. It is extremely, extremely rare and is very, very valuable. Wars have been cast over this mineral. It is only found in ice caves, and takes a long time to harvest.

Leader: Lord Xavier

The leader of House Zamzarr, He is both wise and tough. About 6'8 and very muscular. He doesn

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Faction: KYA Empire

Planets: KYA Prime Population 6 Billion

        Julius Population 3 Billion

Goverment: Facist, The KYA empire is ruled by a Micheal Rodrigues who took power and now rules as dictator, The Military power of the worlds is increesing and recent discoveries in Asteroid mining promise them a large amount of resources.

Rodrigues continues to build large amounts of pride in his people that they are gods chosen race of mankind.

There econemy is fuled on asteroid mining and a large drug market they ship 2/3's of the sectors drugs. They are goverment and private grown and fuel the econemy quite well. Becouse of this their ships are made for drug running and outrunning authorites, they are very fast and armed moderetly.

Military: Their military consists of several plantery defense battle ships and crusiers several hundred fights and several dozen space based turrets protecting the planets

However Rodrigues continues to express his views on how the KYA people need "Breathing room." and more and more goes to military production.

Ghost you mean we can only have max two planets? or two planets to start with?

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Cluster 13

Cluster 13 is a group of colonies built round the gas giant Thorin Prime in the Asgard Galaxy. Being the largest supplier of spaceship fuel(Helium from Thorin Prime), and being in the middle of most trade routes, Cluster 13 is the trading center of the known galaxy.

Leader: Lord Luster Condante

The Condante family had been ruling since the establishment of the first colony in 3,225 A.E.D. Luster is now ruling Cluster 13 at the early age of 16, due to an "accident" that had killed his father and brother, the original heir. Luster is known for the amount of freedom he gives to the colonies, and, in contrast, his brutelness against his enemies.

Military: Being in the middle of many trade routes, Cluster 13 had always attracted enemies. To deal with the problem, Cluster 13 had a defensive fleet that consists of fast destoryers and special "light carriers" modified from the destoryers. The fleet is known for it's quick reaction time and ability to unleash massive firepower in a short time.

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OOC:Good to see Ex is still in Fanfic! :)


House:New Sparta

Homeworld:Praetoria I

Desc. Of Homeworld:A dry,rokcky,barren world(Similar to Salusa Secondus)with barely any rainfall,and then only in the polar caps,who in winter become deathly cold.2 large cities,Sparta II,on the East side of the planet,and Menalaus,on the West side of the planet.

Population:1.5 billion.

Background Info on New Sparta:Just like in the Old Sparta,every child born is judged,whether weak or strong.But unlike Old Sparta,weak infants are not left to die,they become half-servants,working with very little pay,and living poorly.Strong infants(Both boys and girls)are taken to militry school at the age of 9 for training until their 21st year,when they are realeased from military school,and are free to live their own lives.(Except in ar,when they are called up)

Military:Consisting of about 1 billion people,the Spartan military is highly trained,about 2 times better than Old Earth's Delta Force,and very heavily equipped.

Government:Limited Monarchy

Space Navy:7 Dreadnoughts,10 Destroyers,15 Frigates,10 Corvettes,and 5000 Bombers,Fighters,etc.

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Faction: Brotherhood of the Trifoil Cross

Planet: Gnosis 1 and Gnosis 2

Government: Theocracy. The brotherhood is a relatively small family, with both planets only being populated in the thousands. They are religious extremists and wish to spread the "truth" to all peoples of the universe. They were made a "renegade" house in 5,898 A.E.D. because of an attack on Ceres which killed or maimed over five hundred thousand people. They deal in illegal trade and because of this their planets are outside of known space.

They are terrorists, and because of this are outlawed to dwell in sanctioned space. They fuel their economy by illegal technologies and weapons. They have several "legal" organizations that dwell within sanctioned space, which try to spread their twisted Gospel. They have been relatively successful in the downtrodden areas of space.

They hate all other peoples and are extremely monocentric. They will use any means neccissary to achieve their means, even killing millions to do so. They call the U.H.C. the "united heathen conspiracy".

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Literally. I've only just got online.  :P

House: Rilynar. Translates literally as 'House of Poison.'

Leader: Valsharess Trielayne Rilynar. The Valsharess is an Empress who controls her matriarchal population with an iron hand, enforced by the largest military group on the planet, along with several technical experts giving her an edge over all of her most powerful rivals. She is young, and the very first to have such power on Har'oloth. And her sisters are constantly watching her for signs of weakness...

Homeworld: Har'oloth. The planet is rocky but extremely large, larger than some gas planets. As a result of this it's massive gravity is pulling it steadily closer to it's sun, and though it's atmosphere is surviving, the surface is scorched and uninhabitable. As a result the entire population lives a subterranean lifestyle in a vast network of natural caverns several miles below the surface. Due to the gargantuan spce available, the population is huge and uncountable.

Har'oloth was once the battleground between two rival human clans. The Dragazhar and the Harglukkin. It was the Dragazhar that won, but they split soon afterwards into many factions, only recently reunited under the banner of House Rilynar.

The culture is selfish and uncaring, as well as matriarchal. All of the most powerful positions of leadership are held by females, while males are found mostly in military or academic posts. The most common method by which to proceed up the ladder is assassination. This is perfectly acceptable provided there is no evidence left. The society more or less runs on the rule: Anything goes, provided you don't get caught.

Military: Mostly ground-based as the Valsharess is still dealing with minor rebellions against her rule. A tiny navy patrols the various large underground lakes. There are no surface defences anymore, having long ago been dismantled and taken underground. There are several guardian satellites however, and at least one independant mothership hovering around the solar system somewhere, avoiding the heat of the sun.

Outside contact: During the wars for the planet both sides took captives. The descendants of the defeated Harglukkin are now kept in pens, bred like animals. They are slaves to the whole population and are a valuable export to those factions who don't mind slave labour. Har'oloth also exports gems as well as unique fabric and clothing woven from the fibres of the underground mushrooms. They provide all of their own food, but must import most of their weaponry.

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Ok ok, I get it.  Right then, although I now little or nothing about Dune, I shall endeavour to join.  Although at the moment I am envolved in writing my story (The Celt -- look at it) and am currently trying to write that.  But I shall get on at it.

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Apollo paced around his office,thinking.

War was inevitable.But the worts of all was that they weren't prepared.Oh,they had their super-elite warriors.But they werehuman.They could become overcome by fatigue and hunger.And although they were super-trained,they could become crushed under masses.Just like the Spartans at Thermopylae had.They would need more treger.More recruits.More soldiers.More worlds...

The next month,one dusty morning,2 imperial dropships lifted off,headed for the water world of Calaria and asteroid A717...

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THe large red sun dimly lit the landscape of gnosis 1. It's sister star, a very small white dwarf left streaks of blue-white light, like a specter hovering over the land of the dispossessed. Gondo loved it and took it all in.

Indeed this is God's creation. We will take every last parsec of it in his name. The U.H.C. would pay for it's fascist tyranny, and would feel the full might of God.

Over the past few days, ships were taken out of drydock with new retrofitting and weapon modifications. Soon the three monitors, two hundred frigates and one thousand cutters/crushers would be sent in an all out assult to the homeworlds of various houses.

"we are friends of no infidel" Gondo said to himself.

The travel would take months, but the crew was holy, set apart from this universe to do a task that would earn them paradise. The plan would unfold in two days.

soon the ships would advance to their secret locations. Dropping their tactical orbs and HE cannons upon all the evil dictators.

No unbeliever is innocent, and Gondo would make sure every last surf, and every last lord would pay for their lack of faith.

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Surf? Not serf?

The Valsharess Trielayne Rilynar reclined on her throne, slouching. She only ever did this when she was sure that nobody was watching her. And indeed they weren't. Her two foremost advisors were both poring over a recently arrived message. Quavisstra, her younger sister, Grand High Battlemaster and planetary fighting Champion stood to one side, holding the slim cannister. Next to her stood the eldest sibling, Alakimar. Being a male he could never hope to sit on her own throne, but Trielayne watched him carefully just the same. He did not have the combat proficiency of either of his sisters but he was far more shrewd than he let on. A political and bureaucratic genius, his black eyes gave away nothing, but his mouth twisted in a cruel smirk.

"It seems, Great Valsharess," he grinned, bowing low to his enthroned sister, who sat up smartly, "that the most recent rebellion in Syracuse has been crushed."

"With appalling tactics." Quavisstra scowled. She snatched the message from her brother and began to quote. "'Approach was from the North,' what were they thinking? Battle started by implementation of-"

"I don't want a blow-by-blow account of the skirmish, Quavisstra." Trielayne sighed. "We won. I hope nobody important died?"

"General Gulthara." Alakimar frowned. "Stabbed from behind, apparantly."

"You'd think someone like Gulthara would have been better than that." Quavisstra sniffed.

"Well she wasn't." Alakimar grinned. "But if you ladies are finished with me I really must return to my own quarters, I have business to attend to."

"Go on, get out." Trielayne waved a hand at her brother. As he sidled out of the large black doors she found herself feeling relieved. Quavisstra looked at her expectantly, one hand on her sound-sword at her belt.

"You too." Trielayne told her. "And send in the applicants. I've got to deal with them some time..."

Alakimar shut the door to his chambers quietly. Unlike his sisters he employed no personal guards, depending on his own resources to keep him alive. He reasoned that if he was unable to do it himself, he didn't deserve to live. And of course it stopped anyone attempting to bribe them to kill him as had unfortunately happened to his late mother.

'She always did underestimate Trielayne...' Alakimar mused to himself as he poured a glass of purple wine from a crystal pipe set into the wall. He sipped it without any fear. He had long ago built up a resistance to all of the more common poisons, another trait that various dearly departed had forgotten to put into practice.

The tall man slid along the walls. Like all of the architecture on the planet, it was carved from solid black granite. This had over several generations, altered the genetic appearance of the people living on Har'oloth, due to the radiation from both the sun and the planet itself. They were monochromatic.

Skin was either deep black or palest white, as was hair colour. The only exceptions were occasional recessive genes that prompted slightly yellowy hair. Quavisstra was virtually blonde. Alakimar himself was black all over, skin, nails, hair, eyes, everything. This was useful as he blended into the black of the wall, slipping along it. He had realised as soon as he entered that he was not alone.

Reaching the right section of the wall, Alakimar pressed a carving that looked like any other in a repeating pattern. It clicked slightly, and at once Alakimar leapt to the left as a huge steel spike shot out of hiding and sliced into the air where he had just stood. Not standing still, he dropped down and rollved backwards as two more spikes emerged.

Over the next five seconds he performed nine other various acrobatic feats to avoid the other spikes, before standing still.

The failed assassin was impaled on spike number eleven, near Alakimar's desk. He was quivering. Alakimar scowled. His system must be getting old if one had survived.

He drew a slim sound-blade from its sheath up one sleeve, and calmly stuck it in the man's foot. There was no scream, he was beyond that already, but he unique vibrations that the dagger gave out on contact with blood soon stopped his heart, destroying many major blood vessels in the process.

Alakimar sighed, and walked over to his desk. He pressed a button to summon someone to clean up, and then sat down to compose a message to the known universe.

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The project had been long proposed since the very first lord of the Condante family, but no one had the power to put it into action, until he was on the throne.

"All fleets, set sail!"

All the ships of Cluster 13 moves out of their various dock. They would all head towards the same destination, for the one cause.

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Micheal Rodrigues stood on the top of the platform his left arm down and  his right arm corsed over to his left shoulder. The KYA Saulte.

Below him Hundreds of tanks were rolling down the street, Their 109 MM cannons large and threatning, The Tank commanders were facing foward their right arm crossed in saulte to their Sultan.

Micheal was also noting if any of them showed any sighns of hesitation, These would be later targetted and eliminated, Rodrigues could not have a coward tank commander.

The Tanks were fallowed by the Jan Ceri, The Elite forces of The KYA empire. They Stopped infront of Rodrigues, their full body armor was the blackest of blacks. Your eyes almost rolled off it, That was of course the point.

"We Who are about to die, Salute you." Their arms crossed and they looked down in respect.

Rodrigues nodded and they turned and continued marching down the street. The other elite forces fallowed all of them very highly trained, but none like that of the Jan Ceri.

The Regular infantry marched next thier feet were raised and lowerd in high steps.

3 Atmospheric fleets  flew over head in tight formation.

The spectical continued for over 4 hours.

Rodrigues was proud he had turned a weak military and ecomony and turned it into a powerhouse.

Later that night in his office.

"It will take another 2 years for us to finish the oribital cannons and defense stations."

"The fleet will be finished in half that time."

"The ground, Air and sea forces are already ready for conflict sir, we wait for the word to strike."

"Our currenty econemy can only suport two years of conflict, we need to continue adapting to military production and increase asteroid mining."

"Our research needs more time, it is already almost 60% finished."

He listed to his advisers all of them very loyal and very well trained.

"What of the plans for the system wide protection?" Rodrigues asked.

"That will take atleast 5 years, full and tight protection will take 7."

"Take whatever you need and cut all those times in half gentlemen."

"Yes sir." The said in chorus and left.

Rodrigues smiled, It may take some time but soon the KYA empire would be feared. It would forge a path of fire through the galaxy extinqishning all life that threatened it. The KYA people would take their rightfull place as rulers of the galaxy.



2 Kinyo Class Imperial Battleships

4 Maxell class Carriers

17 DuGaull Class Battleships

75 Cashew class Heavy Crusier

111 Star class Destoyers

212 Assult Frigates

512 Fighters

212 Bombers

Military Prduction

Kinyo Class Imperial Battleship

20% Current 10% Per post

2 Maxell Class Carriers

25% 15% Per post

5 Cashew class Heavy crusiers

25% 20% Per post

30 Star class Destoyers

60% 10% per post

15 Assult Frigates

50% 25% Per post

111 Fighters

70% 25% Per post

75 Bombers

40% 15% Per post


30% 15% Per post.

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Message to KYA:

On behalf of her Dark Excellence the Valsharess Trielayne Rilynar, I greet you, Rodrigues.

We have been trading with small colonies surrounding us for many years now, but only recently has the planet of Har'oloth been reunited under a single banner. As befits a new power, my sister the Valsharess is concerned that viable long-range trade links be established.

Our observations indicate that you are engaged in some form of expansion. Put simply, we offer you slave labour. We breed the slaves, and send them to you. Negotiations can take place as to exact natures of the agreements but this is primarily what we offer, though you are welcome to bargain with us.

On a final note, I should inform you that all marketed slaves are sterile. We can't have others setting up business with our merchandise, can we?

With greatest regards, Grand High Que'el'faeruk Alakimar, brother to the Valsharess.

(delivered via a single messenger in a one-way, one-man ship).

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Rodrigues sat behind his large desk, Two gaurds stood beside the door.

Alfred Koss nocked and enterd the room.

"Sit my freind." Rodrigues gestured towards the seat.

"Its been a long day." Ross said sighing. Ross was the economic advisor to the empire.

"The plans for the shipyards go well yes?" Rodrigues said pooring Ross some Duvalian Brandy.

"Probelms with that actully."

"What is it now?" Rodrigues said a hint of frustration in his voice.

"Well the 19 ship yards to be constructed we have ran into a slight problem."

"Whats that?"

"We need workers from Julius to construct the suport girders and systems. The only problem is Julius is still the food planet of the empire and its currently harvest time for another month. So we either have to wait or find more labors."

"Whats wrong KYA prime workers?" Rodrigues asked raising his eyebrows.

"They are needed in current economic revitilzation of KYA prime, Ship yards, Weapons factories, trains and bunker construction. We really cant spare any men."

"What if I could provide workers for Julius in the harvest?"

"That would help indeed, but how my lord?"

"Have you ever heard of Rilynar? They are a small faction of a dozen or so smaller colonies, they wish to form a trade allience."

"Interesting my lord what do they offer?"

"Slaves, seteril and well trained."

"This could work my lord."

"How many would we need?"

"42,000 by my estimate."

"That was fast."

"Thats the number of laberors we would need on the docks."

"A small fraction of the military would have to watch them."

"Of course. But it would help indeed."

"The Trifoil cross have madea deal with the Flemmish delegates in the nvauilan system, or so our spies report."

"Damn it, We need that money. How much did we loose?"

"If its true the Trifoil have taken over 1.3 billion GSG(Galactic standerd credits)from us." Koss said.

"Damn them, If any Trifoil ships enter this system vaperize them and begin negotions with the Rilynar, perhaps we can make up for some of our lost gain."


2 Kinyo Class Imperial Battleships

4 Maxell class Carriers

17 DuGaull Class Battleships

75 Cashew class Heavy Crusier

111 Star class Destoyers

212 Assult Frigates

512 Fighters

212 Bombers

Military Prduction

Kinyo Class Imperial Battleship

30% Current 10% Per post.

2 Maxell Class Carriers

40% 15% Per post.

5 Cashew class Heavy crusiers

45% 20% Per post.

30 Star class Destoyers

70% 10% per post.

15 Assult Frigates

75% 25% Per post.

111 Fighters

95% 25% Per post.

75 Bombers

55% 15% Per post.


55% 15% Per post.


10% at 10% Per post.

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Alakimar Rilynar strode through the doors into the Imperial chambers of his younger sister. He smirked, pleased with his diplomatic meanderings.

Trielayne scowled as she watched her brother approach. He was walking just a little too fast, and she felt vaguely threatened. She tightened her grip on her sonic-whip. It was one of only two weapons of it's kind in existance, specially plated with the same obsidian-like rock that formed sound blades. Every blow sent fragments into the blood stream, leaving the weapon whole and the victim dying.

"Great Valsharess," Alakimar stopped just before he got too close, and bowed low. "I have gained for us a beneficial deal with an outside party. The KYA-"

"Deal?!" Quavisstra fumed, "We do not deal with outsiders, we destroy them!"

"Then you are welcome to try, sister dear." Alakimar replied flippantly. Quavisstra glowered.

"You forget yourself, male..." She warned. Alakimar ignored her.

"They are sending five destroyers in trade to us." He continued, "As well as numerous offworld vaccines and-"

"And what if these destroyers are arriving to, duh, destroy us?" Quavisstra snarled, "What if these vaccines are poisons? Typical male, never thinks..."

"We are more than cabaple of planetary defence, Quavisstra." Alakimar sighed, "Should the destroyers prove hostile then the vaccines will never reach us, and I have arranged for test runs on a few Harglukkin just in case."

"And what do we lose in return for this?" Trielayne asked sharply. Alakimar inclined his head to her slightly.

"We send a shipment or two of slaves their way." He smiled, "As well as some stone carving near their planets, and some raw rock."

"Seems like an empty deal to me." Quavisstra sighed. "Idiot."

"I am, as you say, only a male." Alakimar bowed low to his youngest sister, hiding the expression on his face.

"I will be expecting a full report, Alakimar." Trielayne warned her elder sibling.

"Of course, Great Valsharess." Alakimar stood up, and began to back out of the chamber. He closed the hidden doors with a click.

Trielayne sighed. Her brother was hiding something, she was sure of it. But it would be difficult to get anything out of him by force. She would just have to continue watching carefully...

Quavisstra growled. She had been quite upset to learn that her prized assassin had failed. Alakimar still breathed and still held far too much power for one of the inferior gender. She glowered to herself, wondering what she could do about him.

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The freezing cold air blew, snow and ice flew ravaged the surface of the ice world Tharakis Prime. A violent storm was in progress and it showed no signs of letting up.


Alpha team to command...(radio crackles)....alpha team to command over......

A silence went over the radio for a minute until a responce came up.

This is command , go ahead.

Element Leader: We have completed our exersizes for the day and are comming in, open the gate.

Command: Affirmative, command out.

Alpha team walked marched on through the violent storm tword the city gate. Alpha team is the elite of the elite. The normal Zamzarrian army was already very very well trained and worked under extreamly harsh conditions until they were hardened past all weaknesses. They are a superior infantry to almost all in the known universe. But alpha team surpasses them all, for they have been raised since childhood to be warriors. Born for the sole purpose to be the most deadly team of men out there. 

The team approached the super massave gate that kept out the terrible weather and whatever other unwanted things wanted to get in. The team entered through the gate and it slowly started to shut behind them. Directly inside the gatehouse were a line MAV's (Military Assault Veichles). The team got into two of the trucks and drove down the long tunnel for quite a long time until they reached a parking lot and parked the heavy truck. They got out and walked over to a large circular room and waited......

The sound of machinery started up and the room began to head down down down to the underground city......


Lord Xavier sat at his desk looking over some data on a padd. "we are making some progress...." he thought to himself. For the data he looked over were the status reports of the production of the military units. A large scale army was to be produced to add to his army.

He picked up another padd and looked at the economic reports for the month. The mineral income was very good. They had much to trade if they found somebody to trade with. Perhaps they should venture out to seek aditional profit.....

Xavier set the padd down and got up from his desk. He walked over to his window and looked over the city. For as far as he could see the city streached. "We will be ready for whatever comes our way, or whatever we send away" Xavier grinned and gazed over the city once again.

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    "This is the NSSS Gallant.Anyone who is hearing this on the planet below,respond.If you let us come by peace,we will not have to destroy you.If you don't,we will have to.If noone replies,we shall land anyway.Reply ASAP."

    Admiral Menelaus sighed and switched off the COM line.Then he walked over to the bridge and stared at the planet below them.Calaria.A lush green water world,with no known humans on it.Little did Menelaus know,they would get the shock of his life in several minutes.

      As he stared,a junior officer ran up to him.

"Sir,we've got a reply on the COM line."Menelaus's eyes became slits.He followed the lieutenant over to the COM station.

      Five minutes later,Menelaus sighed and walked over to his weapons officer,and man name Pyrocles.

"Fire the Rods of God where the heat signatures read highest," Menelaus said stonily,still looking at Calaria.


"Boar fart...Pig urine...I hoped it wouldn't have to turn out this way."

Pyrocles just nodded and hurried over to the weapons control deck...

    The TBC-107s,or Rods of God as most called them,were two giant gauss guns,10 and and inch feet high and 10 and and inch feet wide.They were equipped with 2 giant titaium steel canisters,each 10 feet wide,10 feet high and 10 feet long.They were held in place by 4 giant locks,and when they were released,they sped off at almost 2000 mph.And it was 10 minutes until they were ready to fire...

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133 frigates moving to secondary U.H.C. headquarters. ARmed with tactical orbs, the brotherhood plans on a fast ambush on the planet and destroy a portion of the headquarters, retreating back to the sanctuary planet.

It will take one and a half months to get there, with the same amount of time coming back.

Message to all Grand Houses:

We are open to any business deals in trade. illegal or otherwise at a fair price. You may ask what wares you desire, as we need hard currency. Channels are open for trade as of today.

Signed: Gondo Leon, The arm of the brotherhood, and holder of the trifoil at the joint of the crucifix. Master of the holy secrets, keeper of the mysteries.

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The ship shuddered and shook as the Rods of God launched their payload.The titanium slugs could be only seen for a moment as they sped off at unearthly speed towards the small planet.For 10 minutes everything was silent.Then on the probes sent back zoomed-in pictures.An area of at least 10 miles was decimated in two spots,and unearthed pieces of ground were strewn everywhere.

Menelaus gazed on calmly.When the transport officer came up to him,Menelaus said one word; "Land."

Several hours later 1000 Spartans were on Calaria,and were fighting the barbarian rebels who had lived previously on this planet.It was too easy.The barbarians still used Old Terran RPGs,for Zues's sake!Soon the air was filled with screams of pain and agony,most coming from the rebels...

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