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Contaminator + FOG of War= What the developers had in mind?


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Perhaps the contaminators were supposed to be used only when FOG of war was enabled... i can see how if the enemy didnt do a good job of keeping the map open  .. how groups of contaminators could move around safely ... and perhaps even get the jump on an unsuspecting group of infantry.

this is NOT a contaminators suck/rule  thread.....  i am simply stating what the developers may have had in mind.... because all the missions in single player have FOG of War  ENABLED.

so either:

1.) contaminators were only meant for single player use in FOG.

2.) contaminators were meant for multiplayer but only with FOG

3.) contaminators were meant for multiplayer  regardless of FOG but should be mixed with sards

(Xvaine suggested this)

4.) you can get your ally to make 50 scouts and unally with him briefly multiple your contaminators and then re-ally back fast.

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i dont have FOW enabled in single player :O


its been a long time since i played the single player missions... i do remember being able to see the terrain on some maps but it was fogged over so you couldnt see units.

Maybe that was because i had already visited that area before.

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The whole FOW is underused online. People shy away from it like its a bad thing. I think sometimes it adds a little bit extra (what?  :O) to the game. Maybe the contaminator would be used a little more if FOW was used...

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i feel that the contaminator was only put into the game for fun on single player missions. If they fight against you, they are always in a large group. If you just gained an alliance with them, they support you in the next mission in a huge mass.

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Hmm, that is not true.

A unit is not made bad on purpose by the designer. The designers try to balance a game as much as possible. But even if you do it very very good, you will still encounter some failures in it when masses of people are going to play the game, and inventing all new kinds of strategies and counter-strategies...

When I read the manual of Emperor, I thought of the Contaminator and Leech as very good units, because they could destroy a unit in one shot, and turn them as one of their own. I didn't pick them in campaign play, so I didn't notice they were bad to play with, the only thing I noticed was their annoyance in campaign play. But when I started to play online I noticed why House Tleilaxu wasn't used so much. Because those units didn't fit into the strategies which had been invented online...

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