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BF 1942 Dune2k Mod


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There is a relatively new mod being worked on but not for the usual games we mention here. This time the mod is for EA's Battlefield 1942 and will be based around Dune 2000. They already have a model finished for the Quad and it looks pretty good especially ingame. Check out a few of the screenshots:

Progress looks good so far considering it has only been a couple weeks since they started. For more information you can check their website and expect more information as it comes in.

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Hi guys, I am a member of the Dune2k mod team. Jesse, I will send you an email about this soon, but all you guys in general, I and Necron (the mod creator/boss), need your help.

Currently, there are only about 4 of us right now, and that isnt enough to keep this mod running. We have too much on our hands, especially because right now, we have only 1 mapper, 1 coder/skinner/web master, 1 coder/mapper and me, for public relations and such.

If you have any experience, or can help in anyway, then send me an email, or reply to this post ASAP.


-Edit- I do "Public Relations" for our mod, so if you have any questions, or anything that you would like to say, then send me an email, or use msn to talk to me, and I will circulate it around the mod team. Thanks.

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That's cool, I might get BF 1942 just for that.

One thing though, Dune2k had little unique units for each side- so how are they going to work that out? And why is Ordos not mentioned on the site?

Well, in response, right now... we are only doing the Harkonnen and Atreides. But there has been some talk about doing the Ordos at a later time. But the one thing, that is the main problem with them, is the Deviator. It is going to be almost impossible to replicate that, in BF.

As for unique untis: right now, Necron has almost completed the Sonic Tank, I am yet to test/play with it, but from the pics/infomation he has shown me, it is looking very cool. I would like to see us be as much as possible, close to Dune 2000. But only time will tell how far we go.

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Hi there, I am the 3D/coder/skinner/leader of the Dune2k mod, Black knight was talking about the Sonic Tank, it aint finish yet cause i took a break of it, but here's some pics...

1st is the tank shooting the sonic wave...


2nd almost finished the skinning...


The resolution on the skin aint that great, but it will get better...

Will try to finish the website ASAP also...

Take care...

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I need your advice guys..

I am about to create the building for my mod but I prefer the buildings from emperor cause they are distincly diffent compared to the Dune2000 one...

Should I do a crossover between the 2 or stay pure with Dune2000?

Please comment...


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Eww, this is ridiculous, making Dune mod, that's based on Dune 2000...

I dont entirely get what you meant by your comment, but I might try and explain a bit (for those who might not have any idea of whats this is about):

We are creating a mod, for a game that the basis is for the WW2 era. Our mod, was originally going to orientated around the ideology of Dune 2000. But recently has changed to follow Emperor instead.

We will try and replicate as much as possible, the feel of Emperor, into a FPS version, to give the theatre of Dune another extension. Do keep an eye out for us, it is getting there..... slowly:


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