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killing 5 AI on easy on XL map in 6 mins

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Hey unbelievers- I challenged 2 fellow duners to do it and they did it in 7 mins with the same trick I used. AND they're newbies!

Secondly, if I did want to lie, I would've said something like "I took 2 minutes-make no mistake".

Look, I did it with the engineer rush, 2 other people did it with the engineer rush trick, so maybe it isn't impossible, like you're saying.

And if you still think I'm lying, I dont think there's much we can do to resolve that matter. All I'm asking is that you try it again, it'll work.

And why do I keep thinking that you're under the impression that I took out all six Ai? I captured 3, and the rest fought among themselves.

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Firstly, killing 5 AI in one hour, no big deal for anyone.

Secondly, I CAN last one minute against Griffin (In case you weren't speaking/writing figuratively)

Thirdly, I have always had a helluva lotta respect for Griffin and I dont have any idea where you dug up the idea that I can kick his ass.

And fourthly, I'm sure there's someone out there who can beat Griffin online. Though I dont think its either you or me.


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No, he's not the best, if you'll get on-line some day, try looking for these names at alman: tanktrix and griffine65. They are the best players ever!

But there are other players who are exelent too, but not as good as them like: SuCoOoOoO, NeOoOoOoO, TU77A/hoolligan, shygirl4, SWprinsyy and there are more that I forgot or dont know of. Any of these players is better than funk, but you'll probably never see them, most of them retired.

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Yeah, I have the same problem on Emperor. People talk of players I never knew and will never know. I am only really interested in players that still play. I have played only 1 game online so far, vs Funkman himself, and I'd like to say it was one hell of a close game  :-

[hide]But I'd be lying through my rotten teeth ![/hide]


One day, I might actaully be able to grow into a challenge for you guys...maybe...

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I dont know how things work on emperor but in dune2000, old players do return from time to time and you get a chance to talk with them, if you're lucky they will offer you a game, just to remind them the good old days... but if something like this happens to me, I get so imbarrassed! even after months and even years of not playing, a player like me is no match for them! lol

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