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  1. hi all, i got my dune2k + patch .6 are installed but i cant see the LAN button in the multiplayer options, any ideas?
  2. ophiruslevus


    thanks for the help seru. i'll check this topic for the next few days if anyone is interested in a game
  3. hi DaxxXyrax, the many questions you ask imply to me you are not aware of the book "dune" by Frank Herbert. many of the answers to your questions are there, simply because the game is based on the book itself. i stronly belive that above 90% of this site have read it, and i reccomend it myself.
  4. you're at the wrong place shy, once you install and modify hamachi for dune a new category reveles at the multiplayer options called LAN. use that option after you open hamachi and use hamachi to chat with us and let us know you there. the LAN option lets you play with no ooses disconnecting or and other problem you get in the INTERNET option you've been using. btw, did you see and noobs when you hanged out there?
  5. i think we should post a massage at XWIS couse of all the noobs that get there and never get back. they should know dune is still played, even after 9 years
  6. sounds kinky muis lol i'll hang out in the lobby for the rest of the day, probably be afk though... free drinks for anyone who joins me!! ;D
  7. dont trash a house for a CD, you can download dune from any download program and use the no-cd-patch. works fine for me
  8. dosnt matter shy, me muis and others are on both networks so you should see us anyhow. havent updated anything, i'm up for another game today.. maybe a 2 vs 1 with you and lysy like old times lol
  9. are there 2 dune channels on hamachi server, or is the one i'm in is the only one..?
  10. thx admiral, i followed the text. only thing left to do is see what i got left of the good days welcome back ultim8, hope to get a game with you soon
  11. me too, sorta.... still waiting 4 my first game since like ages
  12. hamachi..? where do yall play now and how i'm getting there? this noob would like a few games for old times sake
  13. If the Unofficial Technical Adviser for Dune2000 cant get in dune, what would the noobies say...? :P
  14. I layed forth all my skill and bent my will upon it, the rest was easily done.
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