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  1. It is rather adictive isn't it, where did I put my CD :)
  2. Hello Muis :) I used to love this game, but I havnt played for about seven years now I still remember some of my old friends from there, and I especialy miss my friend LiLTerror Ahhh the good old days :)
  3. I've just downloaded Hamachi, but it doesnt work I cant even log in to it unless I upgrade to the premium version (No chance of that) .................. :) So is there any other way to play online, thats free
  4. Well I finaly managed to get on the hamachi server :D I joined someones game :D Game started :D I send a infantry soldier to the other players base to explore :D He called me a cheater and left ??? Is this normal ? P.S. Hi Fire ;)
  5. I'll be online tonight @ 10:00 p.m. UK time If anyone wants to try a game (It will be my fist game in serveral years) :-[
  6. Im in Alman, the place where Mentatbot used to hang out :)
  7. I see plenty of green stars on hamachi but never see anyone in the lobby
  8. Well I can see 3 green stars on the Hamachi screen But no names in the Dune lobby So not sure whats wrong >:(
  9. I cant join the first server Admiral I get a error message when I try to join >:(
  10. I havent played Dune in years, dont hink it works anymore :-
  11. If you tell me how far you have got in the campaign, I'll do a save map and email it to you.
  12. There was a thread about this 4 years ago, not sure if it still works. http://forum.dune2k.com/index.php?topic=15837.msg260456#msg260456
  13. I can get into the lobby ok, when I'm in there it says "Welcome to XCC Online 8 Players (WC: 3 D2K: 1 Nox: 4) You have joined channel Alman If I click Start new game, I get the message Dune.dat has encounted a problem And the game shuts down, I've done a fresh install, have all patches , 8 bit, and all the rest of the stuff, but still no luck :(
  14. There is one person on there you should definitely know Steven Its your brother FOHgendie ;D
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