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Atheists have no morality!

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hehe divorce stuff is really interesting. shows what kind of white trash christians are at times. one great christian said that christians are the worst of mankind and the best of mankind. some might look at that as egocentric, but I see it as an axium.

also to nema. Does acriku not reject God? He may say that he doesnt reject, just has not accepted that God exists. That is just semantics though. it is a truth, no need to mince words.

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it doesnt express every white person, it only explains a certain group of white people. and if you guys keep up this pc shit, I will laugh.

I live in america, so I usually think in terms of america. is that silly? yes. It is a habit though. It isnt mean to white trash, because that is exactly waht they are. just like every other race. There is always a bad group in all races. I myself am poor too, it doesnt take being poor to be white trash, that is a steriotype you have laid out.

Ordos, it is arrogant for you to think of what I said as a division. It is not how I was trying to express myself. I was talking about christians in western society. The majority of christians exist in western culture so it is understandable. I am also attacking western culture, which you know by now I always do. Frankly, if you actually study about the churches in the east or south like in africa or china, you will see that their doctern and ways of worship are much better than ours. It is because they are not in a position of many people in western society where we have all these rights that we take for granted. Read haggai. it talks about how the people who are in the down times in their beliefs, they usually fare better.

Acriku, you always pounce on anything I say that might be a mistake. Back of, it really shows what kind of asshole you are. I mean really.lol

I dont like to be branded with a term that all of you find so easy to say. you are steriotypical bigots, and have lost my respect. especially you ordos, didnt expect that. probably doesnt mean much to you guys though, as you could care less. grow up.

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I just want to say that an Atheist is not a fool or doesnt have any morality, the argument whether or not god exists is never ending, C.S lewis began as an atheist but through along difficult journey of his own he became a believer in god and stands as a counter point to freuds straight foward, we have to grow up, and face harsh reality, god doesnt exist." I myself am an Atheist, as materialist, i cant accept the theory of god, it doesnt fit in with what i know, i dont choose to be a materialist, its just the way i see things

i know some parts dont make alot of sense but im just about to go to sleep

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Calm down!

"Does acriku not reject God?"

I can't say yes, because that would imply that I believe for certain that reject can have that meaning. I am undecided as to whether reject can mean as far as "decide that no such object exists", or perhaps only "decide that object is incorrect".

One problem with the statement "Acriku rejects god" is (and I've seen people misuse the word thus on Fed2k before) that the theist might then say things like "Therefore god exists and you just dislike the fact" and "That's a bit ungrateful".

... to give you a full answer.

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To some up my opinion on this topic:

I am an atheist yet I have morals, not many but some although I expect many of them are due to my Christian upbringing as we were taught about Jesus' lessons/parable and othe Bible 'stories' from an early age at my junior/infant school

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i am an athiest

dont try to say i have no morality

you dont know me so stfu

lets look at it this way

You believe in something that you have no proof that it exsists.

From this point of view, you're an idiot.

thats like if i believed that DUNE WAS REAL.

i would have no evidence, but it would be jsut as believeable as the bible.

so stfu

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I'm an atheist. In fact I was once referred to as a "religious vacuum"

But I have morals... I think...

But I dislike religion, all religion. Especially organised religion, such as those that involve going to a church every week, and listening to some moron blabbing on about some crap that happened nearly 1000 years ago.

Believe it or not, I'm more likely to believe the Raelian Religion, except they are just a little too excentric for me.


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Religion and Morality are 2 different things. Being an athiest I have no religion. But being human and dealing with others every day makes me a Moral person. Life is pretty simple in my book. Treat others the way you want to be treated. I didn't need years of religion to tell me to be nice to people. Also there is something inherently wrong with a any organization that says you can do whatever you want as long as you go to confession on Sunday. I don't have statistics to back this...but I'd be willing to bet that catholics are among the highest populace in our prisons.

This is just my opinion.

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Religion doesn't have a strong influence you as love, brotherhood, comradery, love for family and friends, more.......

Ofcourse, MOST of the atheists consider the above here as 'chemical reactions'

I say this to atheists; " You have a chemical reaction to deny that you're a living person with a soul, maybe we should make a city filled with Atheists that act like AI controlled people "

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If you can provide any evidence that that is a chemical reaction, and not just a thought conclusion...

That is what atheist believe? Or let's say Scientists?

They believe that affection and friendship is just all a part of our 'advanced monkey' lives.

And has nothing to do with soul or mind for that matter.

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How does the fact that your emotions and values are composed of a different substance make them insignificant?

Yes I do think that my values are mere chemical-physiological reactions: complex physiological reactions. But they are still there, and I have nothing more to go on, so why not act on my emotions? Even if my love for truth, reason, loyalty and family is just chemistry its still there. In fact these chemical reactions are the very basis for whether something is important or not, so how can we say they aren't? That wouldn't even make sense.

Saying that you are ditching your values because there is no God is like saying that you will not celebrate Christmas because there is no Santa.

My dog is just chemicals(unless you suppose my dog has a soul) but he doesn't act like a robot. And I as an even more complex chemical entity certainly will not.

Please stop going by the false dillema of "Either you believe in a soul or you are a robot" and attack the actual rationalist-secular position.

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the only people who have morality are those who actually believe, respect and obey what their Holy Book commands of them. that is very, very few.

it's mot true, only blind and stupid man can believe that some god exist now in this time when science can proofe everything.

i know why is god created and i know why is god important. God is created because people were always stupid, they wanted to someone control their life, they wanted to be a slaves, they wanted to have some leader, and they found leader in the god.

And religion is important becouse priest needs a job (:

I don't think that christianity is good and right religion. It has TOO MANY stupid things. I am atheist and i think that only good religion was religion of ancient Vikings

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ahg, i ran into a book that was based on this topic, i didnt get very far into it because i was looking for another book but i do recall reading something along... most people in our society view atheists as people with no morality but their views are biased, the problem with religion is that most believers refer to religion as their guide to the way they should live their lives, what im getting to is that a believer and an atheist may have completely different views on life, but being non religious doesnt mean you have no morality. there are many ways to lead a good life

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