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  1. Sounds kinda similar... ??? ...but still unlike... Yeah, he plays a similar role in both movies. He is a powerful wise old man from this order of wizards, but he desires power and leaves and becomes evil and serves under the evil master....hmm. Star Wars is cool.
  2. Ok. First keep in mind that while I was the one to ask the question, I'm not one of the ones in here who's comparing everyone to nazis. To whoever wrote that I shoulda contacted GOb directly - sorry, didn't know who to contact, I'm realitively new here. To whoever (wait, that was Navaaros) ... ok Navarros, do you think I don't know that? Do you think it isn't very painful for me to know that I will never even get to meet her and even if I did she would just see me as another fan? Stop rubbing it in... I know I'm not Anakin, but hey, if I DID think I was Anakin Skywalker, i would make JUST AS MUCH SENSE as the religious people do. RRRrrrr Also I have a post limit too, that's why I had to wait til now to respond to this... So, yeah, I understand this is his site and stuff. So the question, I guess, is: If I remade the thread...and instead of putting the picture, maybe I LINKED to the picture...? Would it get deleted? I'm asking now because otherwise I might do something wrong again, which I only did in the past because I didn't know any better. Now - can I make it again without the big picture, or not? If not, would a "favorite actress" thread work? BTW I broke the 'rules'(guess there's some unwritten stuff here that I didn't know about) to begin with because I didn't know about them, I assumed "general" was anything, I guess not, but i am OK with that I do not think anyone is a nazi. Except hitler. And the nazis.
  3. Ok, I understand that it's your site, you can do what you want, but might I ask WHY you deleted my threads? Was there a reason behind doing it, did I break the rules or something? ???
  4. I tried to make a thread, BAM it was deleted. It was within the rules and it had some valid discussion in it. So I remade, check back in under an hour, its not there anymore. I don't know who to email or PM about this. Maybe whoever's deleting my threads could pm me? Or send me an email at Anakin3263827@hotmail.com ..... Thanks...
  6. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU EMPRWORM?!?!? YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT! He did a "fairly good job"..,,.!?!!?!? So basically, if I went over to my neighbor's house, told them that they might have guns that they might use to kill me, so I tell the cops but the cops say I can't attack them... then I take out a hand grenade and throw it into the room with the guy who lives there and his three kids, and they all die...and I search the house and there wasn't any guns. Would I have done a fairly good job? Hell-FUCKING-no. I would be thrown in prison, and possibly given a death sentence. But Bush, he gets the support of millions of people who don't like those "damn iraqis!" and want to bomb the middle east a whole buncha times. And THEN when people speak out against him for doing this, guess what? They are viewed as unpatriotic! So what is "patriotic" then? Killing thousands of innocent people for something that doesn't actually exsist? So if I "didn't read" the section of the newspaper that said mexico WASN'T coming at our border with guys with nukes strapped to their backs, would I be considered patriotic if I went down to mexico, and killed them all? And not just the men, but the women, and the children? No, once again, I would be in prison for life. Actually texas is so close to mexico, that I'd go to texas and get a death penalty. So why isn't "patriotic" ideas this country was founded on, like Oh, I don't know, FREEDOM OF SPEECH?!?!? But People use their freedom of speech, and its unpatriotic. And I know all those texans believe in a RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. But when we think other countries have weapons (when really they don't), we can kill them? And THAT is patriotic? None of this would have happened, had Bush not been elected. See, that's the thing about Bush, he will fail to read a report, and assume that he knows what it says, and on that assumption, kill thousands of people, not all of them 'guilty'. EMPRWORM, you, like the president you love so much, are truly a dumbass. Why would you like a president like this? You're an idiot. You swine. You vulgar little maggot. Don't you know that you are pathetic? You worthless bag of filth. As they say in Texas, "I'll bet you couldn't pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel". You are a canker. A sore that won't go away. I would rather kiss a lawyer than be seen with you. You are a fiend and a coward, and you have bad breath. You are degenerate, noxious and depraved. I feel debased just for knowing you exist. I despise everything about you. You are a bloody nardless newbie twit protohominid chromosomally aberrant caricature of a coprophagic colossal parasitic pond scum, and I wish you would go away. You're a putrescence mass, a walking vomit. You are a spineless little worm deserving nothing but the profoundest contempt. You are a jerk, a cad, and a weasel. Your life is a monument to stupidity. You are a stench, revulsion, and a big suck on a sour lemon. You are a bleating foal, a curdled staggering mutant dwarf smeared richly with the effluvia and offal accompanying your alleged birth into this world. An insensate, blinking calf, meaningful to nobody, abandoned by the puke-drooling, giggling beasts that sired you and then killed themselves in recognition of what they had done. I will never get over the embarrassment of belonging to the same species as you. You are a monster, an ogre, and a malformity. I barf at the very thought of you. You have all the appeal of a paper cut. Lepers avoid you. You are vile, worthless, less than nothing. You are a weed, a fungus, the dregs of this earth. And did I mention you smell? If you aren't an idiot, you made a world-class effort at simulating one. You snail-skulled little rabbit. Would that a hawk pick you up, drive its beak into your brain, and upon finding it rancid set you loose to fly briefly before spattering the ocean rocks with the frothy pink shame of your ignoble blood. May you choke on the queasy, convulsing nausea of your own trite, foolish beliefs. You are weary, stale, flat and unprofitable. You are grimy, squalid, nasty and profane. You are foul and disgusting. You're a fool, an ignoramus. Monkeys look down on you. Even sheep won't have sex with you. You are unreservedly pathetic, starved for attention, and lost in a land that reality forgot. And what meaning do you expect your delusionally self-important statements of unknowing, inexperienced opinion to have with us? What fantasy do you hold that you would believe that your tiny-fisted tantrums would have more weight than that of a leprous desert rat, spinning rabidly in a circle, waiting for the bite of the snake? You are a waste of flesh. You have no rhythm. You are ridiculous and obnoxious. You are the moral equivalent of a leech. You are a living emptiness, a meaningless void. You are sour and senile. You are a disease, you puerile one-handed slack-jawed drooling meatslapper. On a good day you're a half-wit. You remind me of drool. You are deficient in all that lends character. You have the personality of wallpaper. You are dank and filthy. You are asinine and benighted. You are the source of all unpleasantness. You spread misery and sorrow wherever you go. I cannot believe how incredibly stupid you are. I mean rock-hard stupid. Dehydrated-rock-hard stupid. Stupid so stupid that it goes way beyond the stupid we know into a whole different dimension of stupid. You are trans-stupid stupid. Meta-stupid. Stupid collapsed on itself so far that even the neutrons have collapsed. Stupid gotten so dense that no intellect can escape. Singularity stupid. Blazing hot mid-day sun on Mercury stupid. You emit more stupid in one second than our entire galaxy emits in a year. Quasar stupid. Nothing in our universe can really be this stupid. Perhaps this is some primordial fragment from the original big bang of stupid. Some pure essence of a stupid so uncontaminated by anything else as to be beyond the laws of physics that we know. Maybe later in life, after you have learned to read, write, spell, and count, you will have more success. True, these are rudimentary skills that many of us "normal" people take for granted that everyone has an easy time of mastering. But we sometimes forget that there are "challenged" persons in this world who find these things more difficult. I wish you the best of luck in the emotional and social struggles that seem to be placing such a demand on you. Good luck being the only one voting for Bush next year. P.S.: You are hypocritical, greedy, violent, malevolent, vengeful, cowardly, deadly, mendacious, meretricious, loathsome, despicable, belligerent, opportunistic, barratries, contemptible, criminal, fascistic, bigoted, racist, sexist, avaricious, tasteless, idiotic, brain-damaged, imbecile, insane, arrogant, deceitful, demented, lame, self-righteous, Byzantine, conspiratorial, satanic, fraudulent, libelous, bilious, splenetic, spastic, ignorant, clueless, illegitimate, harmful, destructive, dumb, evasive, double-talking, devious, revisionist, narrow, manipulative, paternalistic, fundamentalist, dogmatic, idolatrous, unethical, cultic, diseased, suppressive, controlling, restrictive, malignant, deceptive, dim, crazy, weird, despotic, stifling, uncaring, plantigrade, grim, unsympathetic, jargon-spouting, censorious, secretive, aggressive, mind-numbing, abrasive, poisonous, flagrant, self-destructive, abusive, socially-retarded, puerile, clueless, and generally Not Good.
  7. I think the main problem with a lot of people is they try to compare them to the originals. When you heard they were making prequels, were you really expecting BETTER than the originals? Hell no, there's no way they could pull that off. Now that CGI-everything is avaliable, they couldn't make a movie without it. If they used models the whole movie, instead you guys would be complaining "the graphics suck" .. Instead of comparing them to original trilogy, compare them to other movies. They're good.
  8. Anakin


    thanks for tip, sorry i didnt know [hide] They were all on that big battle, either they were hung or they were just killed there, or something. no one went back for treasure, its cursed. except the monkey, he went back and took it (really, stay til after credits :D )[/hide]
  9. Anakin


    What was sketchy about the ending? SPOLIERS BELOW IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT [hide] The pirate-man gets his old ship back with the good crew, they go off to be pirates. Legolas gets with Sab
  10. Anakin


    pirates!! yaaaaar! ;D ;D i just saw taht movie about pirates. u guys seen it? i was expecting garbage, a disney movie based on a theme park ride... actually wasn't bad. :O and the soundtrack... i've been listening to it since i got back from seeing the movie, it is what they call 'pwnage' where i come from. :D what did u guys tihngk? ??? (note - it was good but not as good as john williams) :P
  11. The urge for hatred is part of being human. The key is to not give in to that hatred. That is the quick and easy path, and it leads to the dark side of the force.
  12. Hell is a world without starwars or padme. that would suck LOTS
  13. Yeah, then the US won't shoot him, and die. We should just not let reporters get into the damn battlefield.
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