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House Feud 2 Preparation


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So its this so far:

House Atreides - GhostHunter

House Corrino - Inoculator

Bene Gesserit - Dust Scout

House Vernius - Whatever his name is

House Sarmizegetusa - Davidu

Scrinlord - Swordmasters of Ginaz

Me - House Richese

AK47 001 - House Ecaz

Devil's Advocate - Harkonnen

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I didn't know you had a forum, and closing the thread isn't going to make you any more popular, in fact noone was posting in the thread anyways so few people will want to sign up with another forum just so they can play an rpg that didn't even get off the ground.

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This was it:

Two alliance sides:

1) Imperial Union

2) Atreides Dominion

I am the Emperor and the Corrino. For now, the two sides are allies and so on and so forth. You pick your personal faction, I'll assign you to one of the two, and once each has an equal allotment, we can start. For now, you can request which one you want, but if it get's to hairy, I'll assign spots.

That's the basic idea Newt :)

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I'm willing to join up again.Though I'm not sure if I will be able to participate daily.

But instead of Ecaz,I'll make up my own House,which will be...*drumroll* House Emra!

4 planets,Thermopyle(Homeworld),Joint Planet Alkana I,Joint Planet Alkana II,and Colony Turak.All of them are water worlds,except for colony Turak,which is a  Dunish sort of planet,where the military is trained.

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I'll be House Huahin of the Jungle world Huahin XII.  Not led by one person but by a group of people who specialize in individual areas.  Fiercely loyal to the Atriedes Dominion, their large and well-equiped space fleet makes up for their lack of foot soldiers whose primary goal is to secure landing platforms and spaceports for the vehicles to dock in.

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Ok, so here's what we've got:

Emperor Corrino - Inoculator9

Atreides Dominion - Ghosthunter

-Huahin - DuneNewt

Harkonnen Union

-House Emra - AK47 001


-Bene Gesserit - Dust Scout

As you'll notice, I changed Imperial to Harkonnen, because I'm probably going to mostly be a backseat driver :D

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