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House Feud 2 Preparation


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Since TGED has come up lacking for me, I've decided to bring back my HF thread, having been successful.

The plan is similar:

Two alliance sides:

1) Imperial Union

2) Atreides Dominion

I am the Emperor and the Corrino. For now, the two sides are allies and so on and so forth.

Post what side you want and what your personal faction is within the group. Once we have a few people I'll start the official thread.

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Cool, I'll be House Sarmizegetusa again, with all the domains ( I mean planet Apulum). Try to make some more factions (neutral factions) like the Machines (actually not neutral, but they attack everybody), the Smugglers' Guild, The Tleilaxu. ok? Thanx.

Oh, and can we use atomics for defence? And research new techs?

Ohhh, goodie, goodie

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