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  1. Very quickly. NEITHER depot at Albany is serving the central track. It is non-stop express track, intended to avoid bottle-necking 'points-west' traffic at Albany. 'Albany Paper & Lumber' was always intended for the siding. As I indicated in the notes, the game does not consider the building to be the station, it is the track construct (full central track, 2 half stubs) that the game treats as THE station. While it would be possible to manipulate things to create a 3rd station serving the center track, it was not my intent in this scenario. I did not experiment with trying to have a station with 2 track constructs. If it didn't crash the game, one or the other, I expect, would be ignored, or created an insoluble conflict for the game engine. Not sure I understand your second point. Don't know much about A.I. companies, but suspect whatever intelligence capabilities were given to them by the programmers, had less to do with names, more to do with regional stats (# of houses, industry profitability, etc.) for a hypothetical station scenario considered by the A.I. before it builds. Did not experiment with modding stations, and allowing A.I. companies to build with them. Each mod I made was constructed for a specific situation, then I reverted to the default .exe to play. As I said, consider my work to be a starting point for others to experiment with.
  2. A final note before I go: All that modding was done some years back, and in some areas of experimentation, I did not take notes. The saved map can be hacked, but you will need to learn that on your own, as I had not fully figured out how the file was constructed. Below are a few additional pictures that may help flesh out some of my notes: So long, and HAVE FUN!
  3. Sorry to bump such an old thread, but I was recently reminded I'd last left everyone with a teaser and no followup. RL has kept me from RRT, and will continue to do so. I am uploading my notes from back then, that made that map possible. They are attached below. Anyone may use them anyway they want. *WARNING* This is only for people comfortable with hex-editing! Notes.zip
  4. Thank you, Akuenzi & Gwizz. I believe from a gameplay balance standpoint your answers are valid and correct. But, Jeffry's response was what I wanted to verify. I had seen it specifically referred to as "bugged", but not why, and could not recall the thread or context. (Or poster. Who else but Jeffry?) I asked because I have been playing with modding building footprints in the exe, and at the time, the question of manually seeding or not seemed pertinent. Since then I have discovered it is less important to the technique I'm exploring. It has the flexibilty to be used both in making maps & in game play. Simultaneously, I have been having some conversations with Jeffry about seperating out his data table fixes as modular patch files. And he has been encouraging me to start a dedicated modding thread. I am working on that, but I need to get my ducks in a row, with adequate documentation. But, since you are regulars, and kind enough to offer constructive responses, (and because I couldn't attach this to a PM to Jeffry), I'll give you a teaser. A free smiley to whomever gets the correct count on how many things I did, that I shouldn't have been able to do. Though this was constructed in the editor, it was all done by hex editing the executable. I will spell out the specifics in the modding thread, but the key point is that the mod is retained in the map file even if the executable is reverted. You can use several differently named exes. Edit a map or play a game file with one set of mods. Save. Exit. Reload with a different set of mods. New variations on top of the old. I haven't play-tested it enough to know if it introduces subtle bugs or game play inconsistencies, but it opens a wealth of new play-style possibilities. So, enough said, here's the teaser: FootprintMod.zip
  5. Hi all, I know it's the holidays, not too many people around, but: I have seen several posts that discourage placing raw material resources (coal, grain, etc.) when making maps, indicating it results in unbalancing the game, but nobody has explained the specifics, assuming everyone knows about it. A) Exactly what is the problem? And, B) Is this specific to early game versions, or has it been corrected?
  6. Thanks, Maglev letsdance, this FAQ contains a managers list with salaries, as well as the writers opinion of the respective managers. http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/198394-railroad-tycoon-ii/faqs/7203
  7. Yes, owner, got that. But, Gobalopper, what's a "Gobalopper"?
  8. Hi, letsdance. Try here (The Roundhouse) for all kinds of info: http://home.comcast.net/~david_masters/roundhouse/index.html Attached is a Manager list text file from that site. Also, if you look into Jeffryfisher's US Historical map, he has (OpenOffice) spreadsheets included, that contain additional info, though it is geared towards modding the .EXE file. Managers.txt
  9. Thank you both. BTW, just what is a "Gobalopper"? (Besides the kind moderator fixing the problem.)
  10. Thank you, Davidu, but doesn't answer my question. Is the search function working or is the problem at my end? Anyone?
  11. Hello all, New member to The Terminal forum, and I would search to see if this has been answered, but no matter what I enter to search for, it returns 'no results'. I know many moderators get grumpy about bandwidth being used for the same query from a gazilion newbies, so I try to search before I bother anyone, Still, if a topic is about 'Engines', is tagged 'Engines', and I search for 'engines', I should get some kind of result. Yes? Any response appreciated. I am always willing to accept the proposition that I'm doing something wrong, or just plain stupid, so fire away.
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