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  1. Actually, I mean that sonic tank based on idea about Atreides's Weirding Modules. " If they product sonic beam gun for their soldier, may be they really have some tank which using Weirding Modules, too". Something like that. It is Westwood's idea, but it still based on one novel's technology. Continuing, I think: - The knife which Imperial Sardaukar unit use to melee, actually it is kindjal. In novel, they Sardaukar used it when they attacked Atreides on Arrakis. - Windtrap structures really exist in novel - Harkonnen Palace's Death Hand Missile may be is one type of Atomic weapon.
  2. hmm... I am very sorry if my English grammar is terrible. We all know that Emperor: Battle For Dune is one great video game about Dune series. But everytimes I play this game, I always want to know that: " how many unit in this game really exist in novel?". Of course, BFD is the great game, but if almost of their unit and Structures actually is , it will be more " Westwood's game" than " Westwood's game which based on Frank Herbert's Dune novels". Okay, Until now, we know that almost faction in game is from the novel: house Atreides, Harkonnen, Sardaukar, Freemen, Guild, Ix and Tleilaxu is really from the novel. Ordos is only one exception. But if we talking about units, weapons and structures, I don't really know how many among them really be take from the novel. I only realize that: - Harvester - Freemen Fedaykin who can use Weirding Modules and can riding worm. - Atreides's Sonic Tank based on Weirding Modules's idea, because Paul Atreides is the man who teaching this weapon to his Freemen. Anyone know that how many more BFD's unit is from novel, too? Actually, I don't know why Westwood don't add Face Dancer into game ( spy/assassin unit) and Bene Gesserit ( some unit look like Red Alert 2's Yuri, who can control everyone's mind).
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