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  1. Sorry for replying, I will leave this topic to other people who you think might be more competent.
  2. Just had my match agains't Schorpie and Schorpie won ! Gratz Schorpie ! We choose the map Knife Fight. After a few connections issues we finally had the game going and Schorpie dominated totally. Didn't last more then 5 minutes. I look forward to seeing the results of the other matches. Cheers, XaarKhan
  3. Berryz Koukou - Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteruu YOU KNOW DEF.DIVA - Sukisugite Baka Mitai
  4. Ai Ohtsuka - Kuroge Wagyuu Joushio Tanyaki Roppyaku Hachijuu En and Miyavi - Freedom Fighters ~Ice cream motta hadashi no joushin to kikanjuu motta hadaka ousama~
  5. Even all nukes and WW3 wouldn't stop humans from surviving. It's amasing but when times are hard, we humans are quick to adapt. We're almost as tough as cockroaches.
  6. Ayumi Hamasaki - Is this Love - About You - Dearest - Inspire - Game - Evolution - Because of you Ayumi Hamasaki is a very knwon jpop singer from Japan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayumi_Hamasaki
  7. I know that Fable 2 is in the works. But comming "soon" ?! For the moment the release date is 2 October 2008, that is, if it doesn't get any further delays which I believe will be very likely. Meanwhile it's almost half a year waiting.
  8. I added you, lets have fun ^_^ Don't go too hard on me between -_-"
  9. You can find alternative download by searching google for it. But I got one here anyway : http://www.terra-arcanum.com/phpBB/dload.php As for Fable: The Lost Chapters It's really a good game and pretty openended. I liked it alot, sadly enough there isn't much to do once you finish the game. I had like all towns under control and was just running around getting the payments ...
  10. Test to game on game speed 6 in single player to make sure you aren't just having that game speed in multiplayer. Don't forget to have both games patched to the latest version. While playing in LAN, disable the firewall to avoid sync issues.
  11. I agree that death penalty might not be the best solution, but for heavy offenders that repeat their crimes I think there is no viable alternative. If punishment/rehabilitation didn't work, what would then ? There are some offenders that you can't cure (by nature how their mind works they will fall again).
  12. Here is the website where you can get teh latest patch (from april 2008) It fixes ALOT of bugs and UNLOCKS content that was to bugged to get released ! http://www.rpgcodex.net/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=23720 I found it through Wiki in fact. This is what they have to say about it: Unofficial patch The latest official patch, was released in 2001 and leaves many bugs unfixed and a large portion of game content unused. The best known comprehensive fix package is Drog Black Tooth's unofficial Arcanum patch series at RPG Codex, which fixes many of Arcanum's remaining issues without altering the game's balance. The patch also restores a substantial amount of lost content, including endings, audio, artwork and animations. One of the patch's most notable features is the removal of sprite mirroring, restoring more than 200 megabytes of previously unused animations to the game. The project is on-going and currently at version 080626 (as of 26 June 2008). [12] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arcanum:_Of_Steamworks_and_Magick_Obscura
  13. XaarKhan


    The mods are always mean, everyone knows that =P j/k By friendliness they might also mean ease of navigation and setup although.
  14. Let's just hope mankind will be able to solve all those problems by then and we wont have to think about the world comming to an end. Luckily enough, I can almost definitely say that it wont be my problem, however that doesn't mean it doesn't concern us. We should do what we are able to do, and that is to live and respect others, by going through daily life, mankind will advance automatically through daily advances.
  15. A way to force the Ai to fight you is to lock them up in their bases surrounded by your units. Sadly enough even the 7 AI can't get rid of the troups placed ...
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