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  1. I would give it a try as well. Have to read up and try and get online.
  2. Yeah I would agree this is the best game like this i have played! I still like it but am angry it was never bigger with more people playing it!
  3. I remember all these old players but few of the people that post on here, what were everyone's original names! Naw bilbo never cheated! Few haha I remeber that shit
  4. Nav was the biggest fag this game ever had! And there is always a way to cheat!
  5. Wow is this serious......haha. So if i was to install this game I would have to wait how long to get a match! All day?
  6. Its been a while since I even thought about this game and there are still people on this site haha............Dj whats up...........what other games do you people play?
  7. stoped in 2 say hi, damn this comp won;t let me play this game for some dumb reason..............i am trying everything, what else can I do lol.
  8. Alright I am in just gimme a shout on msn guns.
  9. well I cannot get on right now cause I have window xp pro and it won't let me run the game if anyone knows whats up with this leave a post.
  10. Sup cid long time, I got your messages.........get on there and play some with us! Well I have a team maybe, waiting for senda 2 confirm it.........send,cdick(lol), and myself. I will make another post soon to let everyone know. o ya and its nice 2 see the people that actually play the game leaving posts on here 2, ok I am done make posts here for a few days, maybe months like what I always do...........ahaha
  11. Hey guns u better change your game a bit cause I know u all 2 well what house u gonna use anyways?
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