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  1. hey, sorry for double posting - now i losed for the 36 time i did everything you told, but they are just keep coming and coming, when i send the adv.carryal,with the devistators, the enemy attacked me while i was flying, and i lost, second thing, the harvs made the timer working, because the spice got over, and they moved to the other spice which is in the gap, what can i do to stop it? -please someone can send me a save which he passed this stage, add me to the msn, and ill send you my save, and youll finish this stage and send me it back, please? Yanay36@hotmail.com
  2. thanks but this is a guide for house ARTIDIES, and i need one for HARKOONEN
  3. Guys, there is a level (on the campign) when you win on the last battle with the Ordos, after that, you are getting on a game when you have to kill a big worm before she's waking up, now, i CANT win in this battle, it is just impossible, i tried 29 times, I always being defeated. PLEASE, someone, can you send me a save when you finished this stage with HARKOONNEN? -or mabye you can tell me how to make my army strong by changing setting of the game or somthing? MSN Yanay36@hotmail.com ~thanks :D
  4. Yes, i do have the original one. so do youmean that i have to uninstall it and install again? is it possible to buckup the saves?
  5. thanks :) do you have a messenger? i have to talk with you.
  6. When im on the first window on emperor i have 2 options: -Single Player -Multi Player So when im clicking on MULTI PLAYER, It says: Error starting internet components, check installation is correct What should i do to play Multi player? (By the way, i have the 1.09v) -thanks.
  7. thanks-when im going to kill it (at first), i cant get to it , because all the other enemies are attcking me and im dying, did you finish this level?
  8. 1. How do i register to play the multiply version? (when i'm trying to log in, its sais that i have to update and that i cant play on internet anymore) 2. On the HARKOONEN campign, after i won on the battle with the Ordos, i had to kill a big Worm, until she's waking up, and every 20 seconds someone is attacking me, how do i win this battle? do you know what im talking about? -thanks.
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