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  1. Well the game is my friends and he let me borrow it for a few weeks. when he needed it back i use a crack to play it. And for the drones, i did build the hangar but the air drone button wasn't there.....
  2. I am currently playing on EBFD v:1.07 and there is some wierd things happening. I tried to patch my Emperor to the latest version but when I do that an error occur when patching. When the patching program goes to game.exe, this error occur saying "old file not found but a similar file was there" or something like that and the patch program exit. I honestly say that I was using a no cd crack and it might be the problem. Is there a way to get my original game.exe back? Also when i am playing EBFD ingame, for some reason i can not build the air drone, AA mine or the ADP. Can someone help me pleas
  3. hmm thanks. Oh and one more thing, is there a way you can like guard a unit instead of guarding an area, so like letting ur repair vehicle guard a unit. The thing about repair vehicles is that they move too fast with the minos and gooses and they ruch in too fast so the mostly get killed. Also when you are like building units right, is there a way of making units in groups of ten instead of 1. You click on the unit that you wana build right, and it queues up in groups of one, and if u wana queue up to 10, you gotta click 10 times. is there a way to queue up to 10 times by only one click?
  4. My Friend who play EBFD says he used this "cheap" tower defense in Alt. He put 5 rocket towers in a U shape and the a machine gun post in the middle. its sorta like this RMR RRR if he is like getting bombarded, he surronds the towers wif kindjals and some minos. He says its a good air/tank defense cuz of the 5 rockets. the machine gun posts... iono cuz mortar doods can fire from long range and the gun tower cant pickem off. so i guess snipers for backup..... Its kinda costy too.. iono ur opinions?
  5. I was just wondering which emperor sound track song you like the most? My favourite one is Ride the Worm from Atredies Whats yours?
  6. Hi, I've just been playing EBFD for 5 days now and i am having serious troble making my army. I love playing Atredies cuz of the kool units and also the infantry (snipers,kindjal). The big problem is when playing Atredies is setting up my army. Everytime i sent some kindjals and snipers on infantry rock, they always get killed by buzzsaws and other anti infantry units. Plus, Mongoose and Minos and Sonics move very slow and they mostly get rushed by like 40-50 buzzsaws. I am wondering if theres a good base defense by using the defense towers (machinegun posts, rocket towers) to protect the base
  7. Hi, I have just started playing emperor and it is a very fun and cool game. Theres one thing that really confuses me and that is the Guard Mode. My experiences is that whenever your units gets attacked or when the enemy is near your units, they will attack the enemy. Some reason, when the AI deployed a Kobra and attacked my minotaurus, My Mino didnt respond at all. same goes for the Harkonnen Missile and Inkvine and Mortar infantries... To make a long story short, i found out most of the long range troops kept slaughtering my army cuz my units wont respond to the attacks... Is there any way of
  8. wuts the movie Dune (1984)? Children of Dune (2003)
  9. well... my movies dont show up for some reason
  10. Does anyone know a site that has all the emperor game movies that i can download?
  11. Well, i think i know why i can't patch my EBFD. When i was playing it, i added a game fix which allows you to play without the CD. When i patch, it says old file not found.... error when it is on the game.exe. I can replace my game.exe with the old one but i don't have my cd anymore cuz it wuz my friends. Its kinda hard to ask this but if anyone can, can you send me ur game.exe file?
  12. yea i checked, there was alot of info about my computer
  13. ok here is my dxdiag.txt [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  14. just to add something, the movies didnt show up at all...
  15. Hi I had a few problems when playing EBFD 1. when i try to patch my EBFD to v.109, it stopped at game.exe saying old file not found.... and something like that 2. The movies have like no sound in them for some reason. I saw the previous posts saying that you need dxdiag.txt (something like that) but i click on the link to dl it but it failed Can someone try and help me? thanks
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