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  1. Thanks for your answer jeffryfisher. I found the hexedit program online and open'd rt2.exe file. I think that I had found locos data, but I don't have an idea what to to with all this numbers. This does not have any value for me.2019-02-20 Can you or anyone else be more specific... Thanks a lot
  2. Hello, I'm playing jeffryfisher's US History mode and I found it fantastic but they are few minor changes that I want to make. My intension is to make a game more adeqate to 90'-2000' time period. It's all about modding a few trains in the game, and I don't know how to do that. I know only this: -It's all about moding RRT2.exe in hex editor -graphic can't be changed -names of loco's can be changed in default2.lng file My intention is to change entry and exit date, reliability, fuel consumption, grade caracteristic, speed and names for SD45, SDP40, GP-18 and Dash-
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