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  1. Edit I'm blind. I've just realized it's under map events... Sorry for spam then
  2. So I was playing the campaign again and a thought struck me. You can edit a lot of options with level editor for each map, but can you change the starting bonus or bonuses you are picking before each map? So instead let's say bonus 80k cash you can turn it into a lower cost of laying new tracks?
  3. Run few tests in my spare time during night shifts, just to confirm or disown theory about recycling ID (or whatever else decides which industry is more "fresh"). Using "viagra" cheat and town spawning only bakeries, I was monitoring which bakery get the grain. It's always the new one that pops out after growth of the town, so the IDs are not recycled. I repeat - the IDs are not recycled. Buldozing only leave an empty ID, but new buildings get new numbers. Or at least they are not recycled in 1.56 Platinum Thanks to outofmage I now understands why in my original test of loco's theory I get different results with grid position. In my second run of tests I've putted the industry in order described by outofmage, so the results covered what loco stated. Now we at least know why it showed that grid position is important. And yeah, I meant grid, Jeff. I simply misspelled it ^^
  4. And I would like to apologise. I've run more careful tests once again and their results more or less matched your pattern about grind relation. I've also make sure to check it with other kinds of industry than bakery. You know, just in case if bakery was affected by grind position and let's say umber mill not. But nah, the grind seems to work for every kind and type of industy in the game. I didn't check ports, mostly because their supply and demand depends from map to map, but let's hope they also use grind position. I always wonder in such situation how does the developing team feels after all those years, where there are still players who devote quite a lot of time to crack how does exactly the game works.
  5. So the game is not using any particulary spectacular not even factor-based way to determinate who gets what, but only use the position on the grind? Are you sure about that? When I tested this tonight, the results were rather random, being more affected with distance from station than the position on the grind. And yet it was still pretty much random.
  6. Still sounds like a good way to create additional routes for passangers if there is a sulprus of them. Thanks a lot for help
  7. So you are telling me that I can build two stations next to each other, covering the same buildings and they won't interfere in any way with supply and demand of each other? I never tried that one, being afraid that there could be some problems with determining which station gets what. Does the same rule applie to supply industries? If yes, my whole life was a lie...
  8. From my own observation, the demand for certain amound of time is not affected in case of gaining 2nd building by city growth. But I don't know if that's till the end of the year or is simply an effect of already covering whole demand that year, so there couldn't be bigger demand at that moment, even after gainging new building. Or something entirely else. So anyone know how it's estimated which building get your shipment?
  9. Since I didn't find any topic devoted to this subject, I herebly start one about RT2. The question is pretty simple. Does more industry of the same type affect production or demand by any amound? And to elaborate. Let's say a station got a textile mill. It requires wool or cotton to produce goods. It generates certain demand for those two things. When we deliver either of them, they are converted into goods, in 1:1 scale. Now what happens if we have two or more textile mills in the same station? Production is doubled? Demand is doubled? The second building is just for show? And what if I bring only a single shipment of cotton, while there are two mills in need for it? Which one will get the load? Or both will?
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