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  1. What I want is to have the company carry a certain amount of passenger, freight and mail traffic. They must also own a certain amount of buildings that are valued at a price I will determine at a later time and must have an okay profit and obtain a certain amount of company and player cash by 1960. If they get to those points before or during that year, they'll get a congrats and end game notice. If they don't, I want to give a notice of failure. What would be the formula for that? Also how do I write up a briefing?
  2. So how would you build a formula that forces the company to replace a locomotive or be charged a fee for it? The way I have it set up is that only the North American locomotives are available and they're not available whenever.
  3. Would not using locomotive is available triggers keep me from using more advanced locomotives in the future? I have it to where you can only use certain locomotives for certain time periods.
  4. I hate being poor. It also doesn't help that the cities on most of the maps are spread out. Industries and housing is sparse, mean very few train cars and minimal profits for both freight and passenger. Very easy to go in the red and belly up.
  5. Just giving railroads a realistic amount of money. Most railroads are multi billion dollar entities. At least the Class I railroads are.
  6. Every time I try to put company cash in the billions, it always gives me a negative amount or less than the desired amount. How do I fix that?
  7. So I got the map to show up. The events I'll worry about at another time. However how can you add multiple companies to a map you started from scratch? Also how can you get the mission to start with the tracks, trains, stations, etc. already in place? Is that allowed?
  8. Does anyone know how to get the events to trigger and function?
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