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  1. So on a different forum I sparked a topic about old accounts and I decided to search for my old accounts and I rememebred I registered on this website! I looked back on my posts and OMFG i was the biggest nub ever! I can't believe I was that stupid lol. And everyone made fun of me lol. I havent been here in like 3 years. wow and I registered when I was 12... I am now 17 and about to turn 18 0_0. Hows everyone been? This is seriously crazy!
  2. should I switch servers? i still play on xwis with my friend and it seems kinda empty.
  3. whenever I play emperor online i lose in 5 minutes cause people rush units and I suck at rushing. so is this game any different?
  4. ok I can get into my account and into a lobby. But when I try to make a game or click on someone elses game. The game just goes black and crashes.
  5. it still doesint work. I give up...
  6. dune200012


    I need to know too
  7. WHAT THE HECK! I was in the middle of a game and then it just froze!!!! Now if I go into the lobby and try to do anything the game crashes! wth is happenening!
  8. Hi I havent been here in awhile. I remember trying to get online in the past. (even when why was still here) but always gave up.... what exactly do I need to get to go online? I already have that patch 1.06 thing... what else. please hurry and help! EDIT NEVERMIND i GOT A NEW PROBLEM!!!! I logged onto the game and I saw 1 person online but no game. So I tried to make a new game but when I clicked ok the game crashed. what happened?
  9. I would go to the lobby if this fricken online worked!!!!! >:(
  10. Can someone help with my building order. When I build in my order and get all my stuff. people already have army of like 50 when i have like 15. help!
  11. i have seen the other xp threads but they dont help whenever i try to run dune2000 the screen turns black anf then a popup appears that says not BM format uI_gfxicon_ucbmp [gGameticks=o] what does it mean i already tried changeing the color to 256 and to windows 98 format. what else do i do??? hurry and answer... it never did this before.
  12. i think the music is awsome!!!! i luv the harkonnen song and the atraides techno one.
  13. i have no idea i think i just have to wait till i get a comp in 3 weeks
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