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  1. OH MY GOD!!! :O Looks like I don't have to worry about this unfinished fan remake anymore as it appears we've got an official Master of Magic sequel or Remake on way (courtesy of Slitherine who've bought the rights from Atari's IP dungeon and just made the announcement on their site)!!! Guess this explains the mysterious Atari activities I noticed recently. Clearly they reacquired MoM so they could sell it to Slitherine for $$$. I'm such a super fan of this 25 year old game that I run a MoM fans facebook group so as you can image I'm SUPER EXCITED about this news lol. I can't can't believe that after all these years a real sequel just might be happening now. Sadly most of the old MoM forums are long dead so if there's any fans here who know of a good old MoM2 wishlist/feature request list out there please let me know and I'll go post it over on the Slitherine forums (which I've just signed up to). They've probably barely started the project yet so now is the time to get fan feature requests and wish list items in front of their faces. If the remaining fan base doesn't speak up now then god knows what sort of game we'll end up with. So now is the time to act! .
  2. If there's any oldschool Dos TBS Master of Magic fans lurking in these forums I've recently made a video (as part of a up and coming Civ related games in HD series) touring what I feel is the best MoM fan project out there called Master of Magic – Implode’s Multiplayer Edition, a brilliant Open Source Java MoM engine rebuild that supports larger maps, up to 14 players (either Human or AI), and any modern resolution like HD 4K etc. The only it's missing is AI and some good bug fixing and polishing. Although sadly it's creator Implode has gone AWOL and the project has been inactive for a while now.. But hopefully one day he'll return to it, or someone else will finish what he started due to it being opensource...
  3. Hi MrFlibble! This is a great list.. I think you've covered most of these already but there might be a couple here you might want to add. Eg OpenRA is definitely the biggest one I didn't see in your list. https://blakessanctum.wordpress.com/2018/06/02/amazing-free-open-source-hd-fan-remakes-sequels-spin-offs-of-great-classic-90s-games/
  4. Looks very nice Stefan. I remember you and I had a big convo 'somewhere' about your project and my tribute to it a year or 2 back. Checked my email - nothing, checked DM's here - nothing, checked my posting history here - nothing. But I know we had one darn it, I'm not going crazy here haha. Anyway I'm glad you see you're still at it. You project always had the best graphics of all the Dune 2 rebuilds/remakes/reconstructions out there haha.
  5. haha yeah I copped it bad over my 2017 videos so I wasn't going to make that mistake again lol. I have a big 46" screen (old TV) so its pretty good for me at 1 to 1 zoom. However I found that after zooming in to keep my viewers happy I fell in love with that view too. It's still way bigger than original Dune 2 but everything isn't too small so yup, winning!
  6. Been a few years since I last tested the Dune 2 classic mod for OpenRA so I've done a new video.. nothing exciting match wise.. just a 1 on 1 test game. They've been busy as its way more feature packed compared to 2017.
  7. Yeah the original King's Bounty was Jon Van Caneghem's first strategy RPG hybrid game before he went on to make Heroes of Might & Magic. Great games!
  8. Thanks for this too! I'm probably going to a create a big King's Bounty series tribute section separate from HoMM at some point so a KB fan sequel will fit nicely in there.
  9. Thanks man. I'm a HUGE fan of your work btw. And thanks for the Dune 3 tip, man how did I not know about that one! I'm always discovering so many great retro gaming gems hidden away in Russia.
  10. lol I feel like I'm at work as it's my day job to be the 'translator/go between/interpreter/rock in a hard place' between: - A team of 5 database programmers who sit in dark room at the bottom of our building and send out large emails that put my OCD to shame as they dissect every little thing to a point where others are wondering why the items are even being talked about. Most others have no clue what they're talking about and the messages often lack in the social delicacy required to not come across as condescending or insulting lol! - And a team of 3 ditzy admin project managers who sit at the top of our building, can barely turn a computer on and constantly make completely ridiculous feature requests with comments like "I don't see the problem? That should be an easy change shouldn't it?" and fail to understand why it's going to cost 10grand lol! When the features are completed they complain that its nothing like what they asked for because their best attempts at explaining what they wanted also made no sense to anyone else as they have no clue what their talking about and what is required to achieve it lol! And there I am in the middle ground trying to keep everyone happy and the ball rolling. Suffice to say the job has taken years off my life lol!!! When I make my videos & forum posts I try to keep things simple and understandable to the average Joe user as to them it's a Dune 2 remake and they don't care how it was done (as selfish as that may be to the hard working creators).. "It's dune 2, it's been remade.. yay lets play". So my titles & descriptions reflect that as most out there are not interested in whether its a reconstruction, re-imagining or reverse engineered and what the code source was.. they just wanna see it and play it. I'm well aware the project titles don't and have never contained a 2 in them but outside of the die hard dune gaming community people are gonna see the title and think its a dune 1 remake or something to do with the movie or first book lol. It has to be short, easy and obvious to the person 'just passing through'. However since such things are of great importance here I've changed the wording in my post here. Hopefully it's not so bad now lol!
  11. Hey Stefan! Didn't even realise you were an admin here. Oh I have Demo 4 and very nearly did do a video haha. But I decided to wait until your new build catches up to the old one as I'm guessing from the screens that it will support those lovely higher resolutions we all enjoy today heh. I've modified my post to include your old 3.5 video in the meantime mate.
  12. Hi guys, Decided to do some new fun video content for my Dune Games Website. I installed the latest versions of all the big Dune 2 fan remakes and created videos giving a brief tour of their features and then (badly lol) playing a skirmish match in each to put them through their paces. OpenRA Dune 2 Classic Mod Probably the most recent and rarely seen Dune 2 remake. OpenRA (a C&C and Red Alert engine rebuild) is extremely popular but because this mod only works with the Github development version of OpenRA it’s half impossible to get working. With some help from the devs my friends & I finally got it working. However our multiplayer match was over way too quickly so I decided to do a longer skirmish game to check out end game buildings & units too. Dune Legacy By far the the most impressive feature packed Dune 2 remake of them all and built from elements of the OpenDUNE project. Great graphical options, 3 sub houses (Fremen, Sardukar, Mercs), a map editor and loads of skirmish/multiplayer maps. They’ve added the Super Dune 2 Missions with new improved briefings so really the only feature still missing is support for Dune eXtended missions. Dune Dynasty A very good Dune 2 reconstruction similar to Legacy but focuses more on being an accurate recreation of the original Dune 2 game code. It has been neglected for years now so is lacking some of Legacy’s impressive features. However it DOES support Dune eXtended missions making it currently the only choice if you wish to play eXtended missions in HD with C&C controls. My skirmish match went longer than planned so the video is in 2 parts. Dune 2 The Maker No video from me but The Maker gets an honourable mention as to this day its enhanced, upscaled and sharpened Dune 2 graphics still beat all other projects. Unfortunately it doesn’t support high resolutions and was abandoned in 2013. HOWEVER it’s creator Stefan has returned in late 2016 and rebooted the project with a new java based engine. It’s still early days so I’ll hold off on doing a video for now. In the meantime here’s a very old video Stefan made. For Shai-Hulud!!
  13. omg.. the guild navigator.. I'm not even gonna post a picture here of her.. so dodgy bahahahahahaha (o) (o)
  14. Epic job guys.. I'm utterly blown away by all the multiplayer and skirmish map options.. large map 6 player matches with the 3 extra factions.. umm YES PLEASE!!! I'm probably missing something obvious but I can't seem to turn on the new HD graphics?.. no matter what select in the scaler settings things just look like the original pixels stretched. Looks the same as my older version of Legacy too. EDIT: I now see that the HD scaling activated when I used 2x or 3x Zoom however it seems to switch off at 1x Zoom (the mode I normally play on as 1920x1080 already has a separate 2x zoom) which explains why I saw no difference. Bug or deliberate? Meh I'll go post this in your sourceforge forum. Its been a few years since I last tried Legacy so I love what you guys have done with adding Super Dune 2 Classic and improving/fixing the briefings. Any plans to add support for Dune 2 eXtended too? Being able to play original Dune 2, Super Dune 2 Classic & Dune 2 eXtended all in one game with HD graphics and C&C style controls is the only thing now that Dune Dynasty still has over Dune Legacy. Legacy is so much better and polished than Dynasty so it would be awesome if you guys added eXtended too. The ultimate all in one Dune 2 experience. EDIT: Might go post this question on your sf forum too lol.
  15. wow thanks guys. I've added these new projects to my Dune Games Website while doing the latest updates. Spad: Woah that Operation flashpoint Dune FPS one is really good. I stumbled a cross some awesome gameplay videos not from the authors. In this one the guy hides in the dunes and launches a missile assault on a Harkonnen base blasting vehicles, men and turrets.. and in this one he's a spice harvester crewmember desperately trying to escape a giant worm attack, it doesn't end well haha! Hmmm I notice this forum has changed and I can't seem to edit my first post to reflect the latest changes? Where's the edit button these days? Update - I've got one for this post but not the older ones grr.. Oh well while I can't update the list in this thread I've certainly updated my site lol, here's the latest changes.. New Dune related projects added: Dune FPS Mod – A really cool Total Conversion Mod for Operation Flashpoint Dune C&C3 – Good looking Total Conversion Mod for C&C3 Tiberium Wars. Dune 2000 3D – 3D remake of Dune 2000, doesn’t look like it got far sadly. C++ Dune RTS Remake – Added to RIP section as unfortunately I didn’t take snaps of his videos in time before he took them down. Changes made to existing Dune content: General - Contents menu added. General - All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! General - Fixed some missing slashes in code. Dune Wars - Added new info about project revival. Dune Legacy - Added new info about 2016 HD graphics overhaul. Battle for Dune: War of Assassins - Added a new cool picture of sunset sniper rifle.
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