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Other Game Modifications

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  1. Author David Emery.
    132 0
  2. Unknown author.
    77 0
  3. Author David Greenfield.
    110 0
  4. Empire Earth Mod by Thorup.
    98 0
  5. The Shield Wall by Ivan Shimko.
    109 0
  6. The latest version of the fix is 1.02b, and it includes the following changes:
    - a smarter and more powerful AI that forms teams of vehicles that it sends against you, instead of single units;
    - you can now buy ornithopters via the Starport in the last two missions - this feature was also missing due to a syntax error;
    - some scenarios that had a unit limit lower than 25 were fixed;
    - the scenario files have been optimized by removing extra blank and obsolete strings.
    The advanced version has all the features of the normal fix, plus:
    - the player's max unit cap has been raised to 50;
    - in missions where Starport is available, the number of each unit-type in stock at CHOAM has been doubled;
    - the computer players' max unit cap has been raised to 35;
    - the amount of credits given to the computer players at the start of each mission has been significantly increased to give the AI an advantage over the player.
    The fix is theoretically compatible with all existing versions of Dune 2.
    86 0
  7. The Worm Garden by Ivan Shimko.
    87 0
  8. By Ivan Shimko.
    117 0
  9. Based on the Harkonnen from the science fiction epic Dune. By Dean Avanti.
    122 0
  10. Based on the Fremen from the science fiction epic Dune. By Dean Avanti.
    134 0
  11. By Ivan Shimko.
    84 0
  12. Tiberian Sun modification.
    123 0
  13. Tiberian Sun modification by Ivan Shimko.
    110 0
  14. The Earth as it might have been.

    This scenario takes place on an Earth which is much drier than our planet. It is now emerging from an ice age which locked up even more of the water in ice. Rivers of ice-melt water have created "islands" open water and greenery amid the "ocean" of sand. The hardy surviving bands of humans are at a critical point--they are ready and the land is about to make civilization possible. It won't be easy--this is still an arid world and the open desert is dangerous to all.

    You have risen to leadership in one of these tribes. The opportunity for greatness for your people and yourself is there. Can you succeed?

    Notes: All tribes are playable.
    Standard victory conditions: conquer this world or reach another.
    Highly recommend you read the Background document provided!

    Have fun and good luck.
    Dick Knisely
    117 1

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