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  1. hi guys im using hotmail messenger email / messenger splatmann@hotmail.com nick is splatmann my account on the homepage is tanzer though, but in game its splatmann its my old game name. anyway if anyone wanna smack an old super psycopatic mega good player give me a call hehehe, im not that good anymore i havent played the game since they took the server down yet i wanna play again against some good buddies, if im not on messenger then send me an email i check my email pretty much every single day.
  2. i took this pic of my old dog back when terminator 1 came out he is long gone now but the picture remains hehehe
  3. Tanzer


    yea yet a book called House Ordos would rock, i found the other two house atredies and house harkonnen to be good books, i loved the first dune movie they made eventhough its old i can still watch it from time to time flying into my own little dune universe. the first dune game i ever played was on my amiga 500, i think it was just called Dune it was kind of an adventure game, then after i got the first dune battle game i got totally hooked on that, then after i got the 2000 and then i got emperor which is still my ultimate favorit of all games like these, they can make cc and red alert, but its not as good as dune, dune is special. i know there is only a tiny hope if any at all that they will ever make another dune emperor II or so, but we all the fans out there can hope.
  4. i mostly listen to Trance,goa,some tekno,heavy,80ties music,underground rap "gangster rap" and chill/relaxing music.
  5. Tanzer


    thanks :) it was helpful
  6. Tanzer


    hi guys you seem to have read alot if not all the dune books, i have read a couple myself still got alot to read, yet i dont recall reading about my beloved Ordos, how come that Ordos is in the games, dos any of you know a book where Ordos is alot in. like there are books called house Harkonnen, house Atredies what happened to house Ordos, looking forward to hear from any of you out there knowing more about the dune universe then little me :-
  7. no sorry my old account name was splatmann i used to play every single day for hours after hours, some of the oldies might remember me :) other games i play where my nickname is tanzer is swg and aoe III im gonna keep my nick as tanzer in emperor aswell since thats what im used to be called now. i love this game so much, so i simply had to get it again and now that i see alot is still playing im very happy. i hope to play with alot of you in the near future.
  8. hi guys been long since I've played emperor yet i have missed it ever since they took the westwood server down. then long after pretty much a few days ago i wanted to play again and could only find 2 of my Cd's, and wasn't really sure if there was any server to play on, so i checked the net and found this place for good old fans that's awesome that someone has taken the time to make a fan server because we are alot of fans worldwide, I'm from denmark so as you see its all around :) i have bought the game ones again hopefully it will arrive within 5 days Tops. a little question dos this server have a match maker or how dos that work i might also get 2 of my friends to play this the more who play emperor the better. anyway hope to hear from someone and anyone. Tanzer
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