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  1. Greetings Fremen! You're right Fremen!! You get stuck between walls and shit like that and there is no chance to save your progress in the game.The cheats.. OK I can do without them, but no saving... That's below zero! In the beginning Dune was fun, Dune I was nice for the time, not to difficult and fun to play. Dune II was harder, other concept, but still possible to finish. Still fun! Than I got the Westwood version. Harder, nicer, but not better to my opinion! I didn't took the effort to finish it! Now this.... I don't want to see the next, I think it's a piece of crap when they keep evolving in this direction. How is the 'Battle for Dune 'game?? Any comments??
  2. Oh! That's nice! All my personal data is in the system, so if you click on my name tag, you 'll see my email address and some personal stuff! Thanx in advance!
  3. Is there any standard for finding the codes you need to enter when you face a computer?? With the help of Fremen (Thanx again mate ;)) I was able to enter the code for the harvester mission, but in the next mission I have the same problem again! I ran around for over 20 minutes to find any clues for the code, but I didn't find a thing, only nasty Harkonen, shooting at me! But I killed them all, the misfits! I must admit, I'm a bad gamer, but I just like it! Can anyone of you gamepro's help me out please?? :-[ Thanx in advance! :)
  4. I know you pro's are far beyond this, but as a beginner I have problems getting out of the damn harvester in the first mission. Any help please?? :-[ Thanx folks!
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