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  1. Re-read TBJ, it states it clearly there, that Norma was the offspring of a previous partner. Zufa and Venport never succeded in having a healthy child, which is why she was so angry at him.
  2. how so? Venport was not Norma's father, he wasnt Cuva's first companion either so it is distinctly possible, and to be honest weirder things have happened in the Dune novels.
  3. Morden

    Conduct of battle

    just thought id say, WW1: Germany did not surrender they agreed to a ceasefire but the french-english-americans after they had agreed to the ceasefire shafted the germans and declared themselves victors, germany could have held off indefinetly depending on how long there food supply would last which at the time due to the brittish blockaid they were getting low, then came the treaty of versailles where the germans got shafted even more when the reperations of 6.6billion, they treated the germans like they had lost and like they had started the war which wasnt true. WW2 well the reason spain kept out of the war was because one of Hitlers most trusted friends the head of his intelligence devision was in contact with franco telling him that germany would lose and that he should say he would agree to join the axis if they have spain such and such resources they demanded the resources which germany had no way of getting this was how spain kept out.
  4. are you refering to a pre scattering standard year or after the scattering? the different isnt much untill you get large numbers, from heretics it says Teg is nearly 300SY, and that its about 20years less than the old SY
  5. Leto II was teaching humanity a lesson, it took them thousands of years to realise the lesson which he was teaching them, mankind was stagnant before Leto II's death the empire of 1million planets was not growing, what Leto II, did was closed off everyone to there own planets, gave them boring peaceful lives, he controlled them to the point where as soon as his grip was released people wanted to break away and that is what the scattering was, the scattering created diversety in the human race which is what Leto II saw as the only way to save it
  6. its quite amusing how people think the sardaukar were top dogs, if you remeber even at the height of the sardaukar 1 on 1 they werent a match for a bene gesserit, the BG remained some of the best fighters in the universe for near 25'000 years thats more than any other, and with the honored matres they are even more powerful than before, the fremen, they were good but what made them even better was bene gesserit fighting techniques. if anything dune is one of the most female orientated books of this kind
  7. advantages of merc's: they cannot be attacked, they can send all there forces on an attack because of this, disadvantage: cannot get arrakis but possibilty of salusa secondis or similar, does not have a stable economy, well for most people they enjoy the political intrigue so if you like a bit of both you go soldier if you just want to fight then you go mercenary. note: mercanaries troops are slightly weaker and less well armed than soldiers, the reason they are better on attacks is because they can send everything whereas soldiers would have to be dumb to do that due to the risks
  8. House Ordos wont be in the game, as it was a westwood created House which was not in Frank Herberts original idea's for Dune so it will be in Dune Generations
  9. Before saying about 56k making more problems for the server, you might want to check that this is a beta test the ideal of it is to test out the game on as many platforms, operating systesm and internet connections as possible to correct any bugs, if no one with 56k modems enter the beta's then the game will be restricted to cable/dsl only, does anyone apart from me think that would be one of the last things the development team would do?
  10. If you are getting this problem make sure you check your Temporary Internet Files and if delete them you wont have this problem on any site, better than that if you set it so it doesnt save TIF's it is a lot easier and causes less problems such as these
  11. Well im going to go for a Military house, those of you who know me will understand why, and the bulk of my alliance will go Military as well, when you put Mercenary Vs. Soldier Mercenaries would be faster and cheaper but have less armor and weapons, i suspect you will also be allowed to have more units than Soldiers Soliders would be more heavily armed and have better weapons but will be more expensive and take longer to train, Mercenaries: are mainly for people who dont want to be at risk if they cant be as active as they need to be e.g. you want to be able to go away for a week and not have your house destroyed. Soldiers: are for the people who want to fight and have the dedication and activity to keep a close eye on there planets in order to keep them runnning at peak efficiency, this is a breif summery of what i ahve learnt from the development forums and from talking with parts of the development team about it.
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