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    It usually takes me 70-80 days to beat it because i fool around a lot walking in the desert for no reason. But by the time i am ready to attack Arrakeen, I have about 40 sietches.
  2. DuneFanatic


    The best way to terraform the entire planet is to build windtraps in every sietch (of course) and wait a loooong time, that way they get filled up with a lot of water and more vegetation will grow when you send an ecology fremen troop to plant vegetation there.
  3. DuneFanatic


    If u want to find sietches, move fremen troops to sietches you already know and talk to them. If there is a nearby sietch, they will usually give u directions. Some troop leaders give me the wrong directions sometimes. the best time to do this is after you beat the game. Look at the spice-density map and you can see where sietches might be. Try flying in that direction.
  4. Yeah, but they all end their sentences with "That's it" or "that's all," to me, signifying the end of the game. You can get Liet Kynes to follow you, but all he says is "I understand the final attack is imminent." Come to think of it, just about everyone says that if you do the never-ending game bug. (Gurney, Jessica, Chani, etc...)
  5. For some reason, i can't play online with older westwood games. (from cnc1 to dune 2000) but I can play Tiberian sun, RA2, and emperor with no problems. ...............weird ???
  6. You get more satisfaction out of beating a mission if you do not cheat. 8)
  7. Lol, I tell you, all current console game remakes of computer RTS games have awful graphics. I bought command and conquer 1 for N64...the worst 60 bucks i ever spent. I have played dune2000 for the playstation and it is pretty bad, too. Computer versions are by far better. But with the release of the Gamecube, Xbox, etc, RTS remakes for these consoles might be worth looking at...
  8. Westwood shouldn't abandon the game that made them well known... If more people knew about and played the dune games, they will like them. I think just about anyone who likes command and conquer will like dune just as much. The problem lies within westwood's lack of advertising.
  9. If you could garrison with any infantry unit, though, ordos would be better. My last post I was thinking you wouldn't be able to deploy infantry (like mortars which would actually make ordos infantry good garissoners) while they are inside a building (if you even could garrison in emperor) because it might be a hassle to program.
  10. DuneFanatic

    Dune 1?

    Hm... I think Frank Herbert did come up with House Ordos, but never mentioned it in his novels (or did he?)
  11. I don't like fighting on Giedi Prime. You may not have the map, but Westwood made a map called "Carthag." It is located on Giedi Prime, and has to be the most boring map ever made, in my opinion. It's all flat, with maybe a few bridges and no infantry cover. It greatly annoyed me the one time I played on that map... Anyway, I think Caladan is the best terrain to fight on.
  12. There would be a few problems with garrisoning buildings in emperor: -
  13. What was the slowest unit? Wasn't it light infantry? I think they were slower than troopers, for some odd reason.
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