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  1. people anybody know where (if) can i find FH's dune music for download in mp3 or some other format ty
  2. this is really funny but i have 3 copyes of EBFD lol i bought from amazon last yearand they sent me 2 copyes some sort of mistake (i paid only for one lol) and another one i bought from another website i dont remember hehehehe i just had to have it. so people have no copyes and i have 3 the irony
  3. well yeah VERY few ppl liked how the story ended i dont understand why i saw it two times and i liked it okay the acting was a little bad some cheese moments but it was the matrix ppl oh well i also think very few ppl understood it and a lot of people didnt like that neo sacrifice himself they probably wanted to see him and the chick kick ass and destroy everything well bummer anyway that is great news mahdi cant wait for the DVD heheheheh
  4. the movie matrix the trilogy is NOT about the matrix the artificial world its about the war between mankind and the earth controling machines (deus ex machina how they put it in the script). at the end of the matrix neo talk to deus ex machina and he says to IT "i'm gonna show them a world without rules and boundries.... no control......." now the important part "where we go from there is a choice i leave to you". now this is not an ending to a movie its totaly bogus. the plot had to continue like revolutions said everything that has a beggining has an end the is the very core of the philosophy of this trilogy what beggins-ends in the matrix (1) there was no end it was just the beggining. I am trying to justify reloaded and revolutions to ppl that think that they(the movies) have no part in this. and one more thing i really turn crazy when i hear sequels and prequels when it comes to the matrix i'll say it one more and then i give up ITS ONE BIG SCRIPT DIVIDED IN 3 PARTS ITS LIKE A 6 HOUR MOVIE. thank you
  5. yeah i was afraid of that anyway thank you ppl i'll try to live with the pain of not hearing the music lol
  6. people who didnt like Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions are people who did now understand them. its quite a hard plot the matrix plot its like a 20 hour movie made in 6 not easy and another thing stop saying that they should have stopped at the first Matrix the W brothers wrote this as a giat script from the very beggining the thing was they couldnt make a 6 hour movie and not as much money out off itt hehehehe that is why they divided in 3 parts Reloaded and Revolutions are no sequels its one big movie take Dune for example they made dune and the children of Dune and now they are plannig on a third one ITS ONE BIG SCRIPT PEOPLE (ohh the first one was so good) THER is NO first one its just a big movie in three parts not liking Reloaded and Revolutions its NOT liking MATRIX.
  7. thank you ppl you can now close this ehehhehe
  8. okay people i CAN play the game just i dont hear anything no music no clicks no nothing its like running the game without sound my question is can it be possible to make the music play while playing the game with another card i dont know some program in backroung of something just asking
  9. ppl the part where you have to sneak past the hunterseeker it just takes a lot of patience right ther are no tricks or maybe there are tell me please
  10. okay people now i got a new computer with crystal sound card stuff u know i am wondering how can i make (if possible) DUNE 1 work on my new comp WITH the music as u know dune runs with sound blaster i dont have sound blaster so how can i make it work is ther any dude or hacker that can hepl me please DUNE 1 is not DUNE 1 without the music tks
  11. ha i knew Edric O was romanian he is inteligent ehehhe me too by the way romania will rule the world in a few years bahahahah
  12. muaddib

    about Dune 1

    hahaha i did i found them on the net on some site the song as you know are awesome and i have them bahahahahahhahaha
  13. ha in my opinion the islamic religion is passing the same phase christianity passed in the 11-15th centruries the jihad ; all christianity had its crusades islam has its jihad same thing different time it will pass in the same way crusades passed another thing i think All the religions that we have nowdays have failled in making mankind better and more positive that is my opinion that is why i think a messiah or god would be appropiate in these times and i also think that no one will challenge a god if he apeared i mean who challenges one anyway
  14. ok bros i have a question you all agree that the world is going through a crisis. a moral and ethical crisis, my reasoning comes from the fact that there are many evil deeds happening in the world today, so knowing that do you agree that we need a "Muad'Dib" a god that would lead us in a better direction than the one we are going today? i think we need one a spiritual leader that would rise up above the world religions and explain some things that maybe we forgot
  15. the only thing preventing nazi germany to conquer the world was the stupid german high command with the exeption of a handfull of german generals all of them were morons that is why they lost the war if they would have had great generals we would all learn german today bros
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