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  1. The Best strategy for Harkonnen is a not brute force!!! I'd have to say the Gunships and a well placed Death Hand are THE best strategy for Harkonnen!!!! U all figure it out !!!!!
  2. lol. its still a tite idea
  3. 0-19 Palace Janitor 20-39 Duke's Cook 40-79 Guild Shipping Clerk 80-199 Spice Pirate 200+ - Mr. Jones
  4. this just came to me. do you guys think there is any connection between Shaddam and Saddam Hussein? i think there is parallelism here...
  5. as u all probably know, the best unit in the awesome classic RTS is the sonic tank. easily beats the devastator in hit-and-run.
  6. emperor is indeed much better. 3d graphics, more variety in units, 3d terrain, 5 new subhouses...come on man!
  7. like i mentioned in another post, contaminators should be changed so that they eat infantry and crap them out as a brand new contaminator...instanteously.
  8. that might not work against a human player
  9. they should make contaminators be able to eat infantry and crap them out as a brand new contaminator.
  10. check this out... get some apc's and load them up with engineers. get 3-5 adv. carryalls. with the help of ixian projectors, replicate about 30 - 50 of a medium-class unit (i.e. moongoose, assault tank, las tank, anything moderately priced). realistically, they should be accompanied with 7 - 10 real units. then, make them all "siege" an enemy base. the human opposition would obviously freak out, and their screen would stay on the front, where they are supposedly being "attacked." make it harder for them to control their defenses by making 1-2 advanced carryall fly around on top of their base. some air attackers would be good too. if u have the guts, throw everything you have (harvesters, scouts, infantry from sold buildings, except the apc's and engineers) at the enemy base. this way, they'll think ur giving up and committing suicide, even tho ur really not... then, while this is happening, airlift ur apc's with engineers into the enemy base. ur human opposition will be so distracted he wont even see it coming. u should obviously come around into their base and avoid their defensive front. the airlifting requires the right timing, so all of the enemy units would be absorbed at the front. not sure this might work against atreides, with their rocket towers. this might actually work kind of better for harks, since their engineers are actually armed (somewhat to a degree...)
  11. no problem ordos 45. in response to fox_fives's comment, yeah you can interchange units in the gaps between the sonic tanks pending on the situation u are in. there's so so many possibilites!!!
  12. these are sweeeeet ideas. WW should serious make a parody of one of its RTS games with the units made up here. hacker definitely. PORNSTAR A MUST.
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