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  1. When using Sarduakar build a mix of about 50-65 regulars and elites. Make sure you attack a weak side and you'll do major damage, but make sure you have some of you house units if it fails so you can move in and finish them off. This attack works the best on a computer oponent or a poor human player.
  2. I had that problem to when I got to xen. I just made sure I had all the ammo possible before I went in the transporter. I used all the energy weapons killing those monkey things in the room. I used the hornet gun most of the time and only used the ammo weapons when I had to.
  3. Hmm... Interesting. I really don't have an answer for that. What I want to know is why the say the mongoose can fire while its moving but when I try it, they stop to fire and get themselves killed.
  4. Every time I use the hawk strike the enemy tries to exit the map the longest way possible and sometimes they just drive around in a circle if they are in there base. I think it should longer lasting. It is my least favorite super weapon because it only works good on fast units.
  5. Frank Herbert never said anything about ordos in any of his novels. I read some site at westwood and they said Ordos was their own ceation. Don't know about Dune encyclopedia never read it, but the dune novels website said the the encyclopedia took place in another dune universe because it didn't go along with Herberts.
  6. I like playing as the Atreides or the Harks with fremen and Sarduakar. I destroyed an enemy with a mix of fedykin, Sarduakar, and sarduakar elite. Its one of my favorite attacks.
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