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  1. Hi, I was in the game as well with MST9999 on both occassions and they both washed. The first time they claimed to not understand English "ME NO ENGLISH?" and my sister, who does not play Dune, saw the screen and said "Hey what just happenned to the screen?" Anyways if you look at our clan stats / Kill ratio and such for the last 2 games played against these nutballs, you will see that we were supposed to win and HOUSE ORDOS WILL PREVAIL :)
  2. :D Ok the minos i know about. but only the kobra can stand toe to toe with a mino and it will always lose, any thoughts on going head on one on one with a mino? any strategy? i usually deviate and sometimes leech larva.. you would be suprised how often i have devastated 8 or 9 harversters at once and making them explode in to larvas. VERY bad for the enemy of course.. i did it 2 days ago.. against harks...and atreides (2 on 2) of course.. then they swarm their fields with units to defend leaving the base fairly open to more leeching.. very fun.. then u stop for a while making them think itwill not happen again and u do it again and again till they quit
  3. ;D WOW! I am thrilled that I got such a speedy response. I appreciate the advice there Chaos_Storm. First thing, How come I never see you guys on Westwood? Secondly, after posting, I went into a game and start using more aggressive deviator tactics, more so than before, on harversters and minos and such that were standing around so proudly. Getting people to attack each other is a thrill, it is utter chaos of course. I was using EITS but I soon realized not to send them in one by one but in a group because after one attacks, our opponent obviously guards his base with alot of AA if he is not stupid. So i suppose the initial strike could of been more potent had iI thought more on it. Also, I was blocking the area entrances off with massess of Kobras ( where the cliffs on the map are outside my base, not at my entrances if u understand) and I was virtually impentarable, with some fremen in front and las tanks and deviators lurking around with AA mines to boot I was a fortress. On my side I had reams of Mortar guys but funny thing, I had quite a few AA guys but they were not shooting down some guys in their range, namely the ADP from the harks. Platforms were wreaking my poor guys on their high cliffs. Is the AA guy out of the ADP from the HARK? Also, another thing I wanted to ask, namely ona small map like spice bowl, HOW DO U STOP A 2 ON 1 RUSH!! For goodness sake.. I deploy the works and I can't get it. I think the lack of ally support had something to do with it. I supose thats the name of the game in small maps, ally support is of paramount importance moreso than on larger maps. Also, AA mines are so expensive and not reusable like the Atreides Air Drone, is there a more cost effective way of deploying AA support? Are using APC for AIR killing worth it? If these issues have been addressed, please forgive the redundancy, just tell me and I will search the threads for the answers. And thanks for your time.
  4. ;D Hi there, I finally decided to register and get into the fray. My question is, on large maps where you will be involved in a 1 hour + long battle against say atreides and hark while you are an ordos with lets say another ordos partner, what is your strategy for surviving the inevitable large scale attacks of tons of minotaurs and missile tanks. I know early in the game you can do hit and runs and deviate and stuff like that, but one on one you obviously can't do much against a force like that coming down on you. Or can you? That's my prob. If and when the battle gets out of hand, I get frustrated at how fragile the ordos appear to be, I can't leave my las tank units unattended fora second! Whereas an atreides player can leave a few minotaurs out without having to worry much about them. Strategy anyone?
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