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  1. But where should Judaism derived from ::)? -Judaism, Christian & later Islam originate from the Aebrahamic teaching ;). The Jews execute & curse Jesus the Savior while Christian & Islam teach to love him much. But Jews & Moslem recognized him as a God Messenger while Christian accepts Him as Lord :-X. Still a bit complicate when people have different way in portraying God like he or she want, but the vision is to obey the Mighty one ;).
  2. I'm disagree for suicide bombing, those using kids & teenager must be punished.
  3. [quote author=Avatar ''Who we are: I'm always to question all religion. I want to believe Torah (aka Testament), Zaboor, Injeel (aka Bible) & finally, Koran. One of them attract me to believe & believe the God is Truly ONE. God of Judaism, Christian & Islam is identically same. I always ask myself do I believe what I am believe ? do you? I cannot stand with blind faith so I'm made some endless research for myself. Indeed people may judge which is suits among them. I found myself suits with Islam. I choose moslem not because my Mohammed name, but my instinct to believe by under
  4. Is there any book/ site/ site-clopedia relate with Dune glossary, jargon & wierd terms :-X? got any link ?
  5. It's all proxy war. Doing for someone. US gov doesn't to mess with Israel, Afg & Iraq. It's THIER problem.
  6. ::)kindof revenge ? howbout that Queen Isabell force moslem & jew civilian to convert christian or dead ? Those arabs not only occupied in mid of EU but also knowledge, science & technology while EU crawling in the age of Darkness. ::) revenge is unnecessary, if they can't conquering Mecca.
  7. hmm, I'm also realize US government hail to humiliate Saddam capture as well humiliating the Arab ::), but in the other hand Bush restrict global media expose 'accidental case' among US troops ::)
  8. Is'it Cabala is a God manisfestation in 9 pillars ? ???
  9. Nigeria & Turjey isn't Islamic state ::), they keep their hand & separate from religious into secular
  10. no wonder using Russian sattelite, at least they can have serious defence from 'the hatred', massive islam discrimination & some provoke to involve next world war IMHO: NUCKE IS NECESSARY FOR MOSLEM COUNTRY FOR FINAL COUNTDOWN
  11. ;) it's necessary at least they are not so called 'backwards race'
  12. LOL, is it we I came from ;D? ============================== 1. Orthodox Judaism (100%) 2. Islam (98%) 3. Sikhism (86%) 4. Reform Judaism (82%) 5. Bahá'í Faith (79%) 6. Jainism (77%) 7. Liberal Quakers (73%) 8. Orthodox Quaker (72%) 9. Unitarian Universalism (70%) 10. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (61%) 11. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (61%) 12. Mahayana Buddhism (58%) 13. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (57%) 14. Jehovah's Witness (55%) 15. Neo-Pagan (51%) 16. Eastern Orthodox (50%) 17. Roman
  13. "..., he grew up learning strictly hebrew religious beliefs, focused around his gathered docterns of the 612 commandments and commentary of the torah" lol, Even God command 613 Miztvah, but still Zionist Jews prefer to separate it "also, why are you so anti israel? do you have a thing against jews?" I believe from Isaac to Yeshuah/ Jesus, Zaboor & Torah teaching, but not Zionist from Talmud.
  14. "Some of my favorites is from the "dark ages". Moses Maimonides was his name. He wrote in detailed manner from things like the sacred torah, to the understanding of the one true God, to angels. a very good writer" but he was influence from moslem scholar (from Karen Armstrong) "I am proud to call myself a zionist. Even though that name has taken on a largely racist term, I still am a strong supporter of a strong jewish nation state. As well as the temple being placed upon the temple mount. (that is controversial, as you know what sits on the temple mount now days)." ~ God forbid Jews nation (R
  15. whatever action to secure themselves is not to kill each other, :( it's too bad the stubborn Arabs have NO choice to living or dead, hence in order to secure themselves is to kill themselves by suicide bombing, :( As for the Jews, the foretold Testament & Koran said they are chosen to lead us. They should optimist to help others race, unlike Zionist Jews only care for being atheist.
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