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  1. Don't worry about South Park they just playin. Mad Magazine spoofed Dune first. Instead of the spice it was the booze, instead of your eyes glowing blue they're bloodshot red, lol. The progress being made on the new Dune movie looks promising. The cast and crew seem confidant. They're so confident that apparently there's already a sequel in development lol. There's also a TV show tie in to the movie, and it;s about the Bene Gesserit. https://www.indiewire.com/gallery/dune-2020-explained-plot-cast-tv-spinoff/
  2. I feel your pain, bud. Instead of doing registry editing, there is apparently an alternative thing you can do, which I have yet to try, as my PC got a virus I had to re install everything from scratch lol. Check out this thread: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27545-is-there-a-widescreen-solution-yet/?tab=comments#comment-396239
  3. Cool stuff man. Yah for sure you can do that in your mod you do whatever you want. Mine is similar but it has the devastator plasma FX. Yeah now the Saboteur is more useful. As for sprite work I've not gotten that far nor do I know anyone. There are SHP making programs.
  4. WOW! I seen some tilesets like green grass and such. Finally, like in Emperor BfD, we can fight on planets other than Arrakis! It's like you've pushed the game engine to it's limit. Very interesting stuff, will dive into it all soon. Thanks for the response. So far, the only solid grasp I have is with the Saboteur. I used the Missile Tank unused secondary weapon, I re coded it into a suicide bomb weapon similar to the devastator suicide attack. It's NOT a deploy attack method, it is just a primary weapon with a very close range. The original Dev will not be affected by this change at all. There are a couple of unused weapons in Dune2k which can be utilized to create new and unique weapons. The saboteur is my most successful edit. I'm slowly but surely getting my Dune 2K re installed and luckily I saved my old TibEd mod on media fire so I'm gonna get back into this no problem.
  5. Awesome response thanks buddy imma study this. HOLY SHIT that is a lot of stuff you guys have made! Yah looks like TibEd is the premier tool to modify Dune 2K. WHen it comes to other C&C games, TibEd is looked down upon. But with Dune 2K, it's almost necessary.
  6. GOD DAMN I like this game's aesthetic. The realistic scale of infantry, tanks & buildings, the way buildings blow up with all the debris, the terrain & atmosphere, it's all brilliant. My mod for Dune 2000 was coming along nicely years ago, but I ran into some seemingly dead ends. So I want to make a thread for the milestones which I'm trying to reach. I'm going to get back into modding D2K this year and was wondering if any other modders out there have any tips. - Ornithopters. They're next to impossible to make build-able. The best thing I managed to do was swap the Airstrike support power to non Atriedes High Tech centers. Gotta double check that all three factions can use it though. - Deviators. I'm not sure if it's possible for them to mind control infantry. In my mod they currently do damage to them at least; normally deviators don't do squat versus infantry but now at least they can attack them and kill them. But that's not what I want! - Saboteurs. They still spawn from the palace, but instead of infiltrating a building and blowing it up, they now can attack ground units, blowing themselves up along with any unit within a sizeable radius, like a more powerful Devastator self destruct attack. Weird thing is when told to attack a building they walk up to the building but stop. Force firing onto the ground next to them does blow them up along with the building. It takes two saboteurs to take out a ConYard, so they're not OP. I probably need to extend the range of it's weapon just a smidge or two in order for attack commands to work properly on buildings. That way the AI can use them effectively. I'm curious if you guys have any cool ideas for Dune 2K mod?
  7. Anyone got a copy of this guy's mod? His site doesn't seem to have a link for his Dune 5000 project. I'm dying to check out his Saboteur.
  8. Oh ok cool thanks, I'll give that a try soon. BTW I'm on windows 7. Same thing applies?
  9. So how do you make the non spice harvesting maps have like more money for everyone? I want AI players to have more money so that they last longer. I want everything to last longer. Anybody still mod this game and know whats up?
  10. duuuudue, elaborate! What the fuck is DG Voodoo? lol I just googled it, and downloaded it. It looks cool but I have no idea how to use it. I put it into my Emperor directory, opened its executable, changed the path to my Emperor directory, forced high resolution 1920 x 1080, hit apply.... then what? I closed program, then fired up Emperor, but no resolution change.
  11. God damn, what a shame. I'd LOVE for this guy to release his mod as is. The changes he made to the AI players sounds amazing! I'm interested in modding Emperor. Unfortunately, I've only got the commander & conquer games modding program called TibEd. Modding games like command & conquer tiberian sun is easy as pie. But modding Dune 2000 DAYUM, that game is a whole different level than Tiberian Sun. So although TibEd gets frowned upon in the command & conquer modding community, the dune games are the exception. Thanks to TibEd, making basic gameplay changes in Emperor is easy. I like how the turn rate was lowered in this mod for more realistic vehicle movement. Changes like that I can do no problem. But changing the AI, I'm not sure if the program TibEd covers the AI portion of the game. ANIMAL MAN! WHERE ART THOU?! WE NEED YOUR HELP! It sounds to me like your AI modifications alone would be phenomenal - it seems like you've changed the AI from mediocre pushover to quite the competent commander!
  12. I was wondering if anyone here knows if it is possible to get rid of the main menu music, as well as the score screen music of Dune 2000?
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