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  1. No offence, but all your complaints with Dune 2000 campaign being too hard is a skill issue.
  2. I have HDMI. Does the modified original campaign missions work with the build queue D2K?
  3. Interesting! I also have made carryalls slower. Their default speed is 20, I changed it to 17, which is the same speed of advanced carryalls. In addition to that change, refinery docking station upgrades no longer provide a free carryall or free harvester. Also, harvesters are slightly slower. I increased MinCarryTileDist=10 to 20. I had a fully upgraded refinery with 3 harvesters and 1 carryall. I watched them harvest the spice for a while, and I didn't once see the carryall prematurely pick up any harvester before it was finished mining. So that's a good sign. I'm a little confused though as to what MinCarryTileDist means. Does it mean the minimum distance between a carryall and a harvester before the carryall goes to pick up the harvester? If that's the case maybe I should lower that value instead of increase it. In the past I've tried decreasing the harvester's turn speed and that's when I noticed the carryalls prematurely picking up the harvester before it was done mining spice. I've watched closely. When the harvester is travelling in a straight line the carryalls stay in the air circling nearby. As soon as the harvester starts turning the carryall breaks from circling and quickly moves towards the harvester to pick it up. Usually the harvester turns fast enough so that the carryall stops and goes back to circling in the air.
  4. Tibed file works with the program called TibEd: https://www.tibed.net/downloads When I tried to increase their health the refineries went weird, harvesters wouldn't dock properly, instead of the center they docked off to the side, and the docking pads wouldn't work anymore. Carryalls always pick up a harvester as the harvester turns. I'm trying to figure out how to stop that behaviour.
  5. I made my own E:BfD mod based on Animal Man's ideas. I used TibEd. All infantry movement speed is cut in half, so if a guy was at 7 speed, now he is 3.5. All structures except for Refineries (which bug out when you mess with their settings) are double their health. A lot of vehicles are slower turning speed, and harvs and MCVS and carryalls are slightly slower. No more free harvs and caryalls with each Refinery docking pads. I followed Animal Man's goals to a Tee. Also, building prerequisites like in Mental Omega are now added. So, Conyard gives enough power to allow you to build a barracks and a refinery off the bat. Mack's EBfD Mod.tib
  6. Looks dope. The movie got me thinking about Westwood's alternate Dune-iverse, with Dune 2000 and it's sequel Emperor: Battle for Dune. I'm thinking Paul Atredies died during the events of Dune 2000, as well as his father. The baron also died. Then in Emperor there is a new Duke Achilles, who's a cousin of Leto or something. The new Baron Rakkan is a cousin of Vladimir. Westwood's Duniverse doesn't have a Maud-Dib, and has much less knife fighting with personal shields.
  7. Found a link of some messages. Some guy read all of Mr. Hangman's research and followed up on it, continued the research. His English isn't that great but you can understand what he's saying. His name is Yowane s fan, his first post below in the comments: https://sharehub.pro/forum/main/discussion/91344-modding__experimenting_in_the_game_emperor_battle_for_dune/
  8. Does anyone here know exactly what his mod changes in the rules.ini? I've already modified my own rules.ini, I'm making my own mod using TibEd, but I don't know how to edit the AI. I'd like to incorporate Apolyon's AI changes into my own mod.
  9. I looked into that, I'm not sure if it;s working though. Is this it?
  10. Having trouble getting videos and the menus to be full screen: That intro shot is all squished up top, all that space below it wasted, blackness. I fiddled with launcher settings but could not fix this, it stays way too small, or stretched wide like this.
  11. I know this thread is very old but this is amazing, especially Mr hangman's research.
  12. Animal Man is sorely missed around here, he had such a cool outline for a Emperor Battle for Dune mod. I've been modding E BfD myself using TibEd and copying everything he outlined just to get a taste of the game play changes he had in mind. I've reduced infantry speed to make their travelling animations less goofy and more realistic, gave quite a few tracked tank units slower more realistic turn speeds, increased health of all structures so they are not made of matchsticks lol, got rid of free harvester and carryall boon every time you make a docking pad, etc. Also increased non Arrakis map cash flow so AI isn't so weak to fight against. But I'm stuck on this part of Animal Man's AI changes: "AI production ratio's changed, ai trains more infantry ratio (balances ordos ai vs harkonan ai, allows for better base defense)" Can I change AI production ratios using TibEd? Anyone here familiar with this?
  13. Damn. I could understand not having it for online competitive. But for single player it's great. Any chance of getting it to work with at least the mission launcher?
  14. YOOOOOOOOO this is AWESOME! But does this version have build queues for training units? You know like in Tiberian Sun or Red Alert 2?
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