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  1. I found a walkthrough. Its at http://gamespot.com/gamespot/guides/pc/emperor/p12_03.html
  2. I think you have to do this level. Your on Your homeworld (Draconis 5) and in the FMV yuo see the Speaker saying that the Tailaxu have escaped from their cages and are threatening their existance. Then you start the level and a timmer starts with roughly 20 minutes. Mentat tells you that if you capture an outpose the parimiter defence around that outpost will be activated. You have a few engineeres some dust skouts and some other troopers.
  3. ok for som reason I cant beat this level (maybe its the fact I only tried once so far)but I was woundering if anyone knew the best way to beat it?
  4. What does the "Hawk Strick Sequence" do and how do you use it? Ive used it on enemy buildings and units and my buildings and unites and it hasnt done anything.
  5. Its easiest to just to build a minimum of 8 Minotauruses and 4 repair vehicles and use the Minotauruses long range to take out theire whole base! Note: You will need to use formation or else the repair vehicles run right up to the enemy and get destroyed.
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