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  1. Sorry Cyclonus but that strategy sucks, sarduakar are good but the think that makes them good is their armor which is much better than normal infantry. But once you turn them into projections they really don't have much.
  2. That's a good idea, maybe make it so that tlielaku can produce other houses units, you keep contaminators and when they kill an infantry unit they can take it back to the flesh vats and recreate it a limited amount of times before they have to get another one, I think that would really help out the tlielaxu but i'm still not sure whether it would be of any use
  3. I agree that assault tanks are crap but mixed with some missile tanks and some buzzsaws they can be a pretty good combination, put the buzzsaws in to get the infantry, the tanks and missile tanks can get anything else, tou could use flame anks instead of buzzsaws but they have a habit of doing serious damage to your own units. The Harkonnen are okay but their units shhould have more armor. The Best thing about harkonnen is what a bunch af devastators can do to a base when airlifted in.
  4. Leeches are a very effective unit but they are not going to suit everyones style of play, they are extremely good at hit and run tactics except if you try using a leech on a Las tank you will not get very far because while the leech is good at hit and run the las tank is better! While the leech stops and shoots the las tank moves away and fires at the leech, and yes even if the las tank gets infested it doesn't take long to get it repaired. Aside from this one weakness against fast vehicles the leech is very handy to have around.
  5. Not likely! A sniper can outrange almost anything so good luck trying to get the projections to get past a sniper or a Fremen warrior either. Also a Minotaurus or Kobra defending the base will make quick work of them, have you noticed what happens when the minotaurus destroys its target and has remaining missiles, they go to any other units within range, plus the splash damage. You can kiss those projections goodbye. And anyway a unit stationary seems to have an advantage over a unit moving in for the attack.
  6. No i think what they really need is some range, instead of having to go into hand to hand combat, however it would have to be sort of slow and you are able to get away from it like with the leeches projectile, otherwise they would be too good.
  7. But if you are the atreides and you get a unit with 3 bars you can put it in your barracks and the units of that type that you train will already have one bar, if you put another one in it will bwcome 2 bars and another one for 3 bars
  8. by the wat that Zerg rush tactic doesn't just work with Zerg, 2or 3 protoss zealots are worth like 8 zerg so if you build them really quickly you can have a Zealot rush, or a Marine rush if you like terrans
  9. I know theyr'e just projections but all i'm trying to say is that while you futilely throw hundreds af projections at someone's base, any basic defensive line can take care of them, and while you are busily projecting units the enemy just leaves their defense to deal with it and goes and does something else.
  10. I find that the sonic tanks work best in a defensive position with 2-4 sonic tanks, a bunch of Kindjal infantry and some minotauri. Just have 2 rows, the first row is 2 sonic tanks, kindjal infantry, a gap for your vehicles, the other half of your kindjals, and the other sonic tanks, behind all them is just minotauri and you can have some snipers hanging around if you want but it isn't really necessary.
  11. No, i don't think snipers are as good as fremen warriors, they may have a slightly longer range but they shoot alot faster and kill infantry in one hit as well, and i'm assuming your using fedaykins for the other fremen
  12. that is not unstoppable, give me an inkvine catapult, an air unit, a sniper, a fremen warrior and anything else with aplash damage and I would break through those projections
  13. I usually use Fremen Fedaykins and Ixian Infiltrators. The fedaykins can shoot at harvesters and attract the units around the con. yard while the infiltrators are positioned round the con. yard or any other building. After that it is pretty easy.
  14. There are many ways i go about stopping projections, for the atreides, ornithopters work very well in finding the projector and destroying it, harkonnens can use bombers and ordos, who suffer from a distinct lack of air units can use dust scouts or las tanks which are very fast. An alternative method would simply have to be something with splash damage or a fast rate of fire. As you can see, with so many ways of dealing with projections and projectors they really suck, any normal base defense can handle as many projections as can be thrown at it.
  15. Who cares about making scouts into contaminators, they still suck! a bunch of about 5 snipers can take down heaps of contaminators before they even get close.
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