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  1. 159 downloads

    A visual mod maker that has a 30 day trail, after which you get a delay of about 10 seconds while the program loads. More details can be found at the TibEd website.
  2. 137 downloads

    This module/plugin for TibEd will allow you to edit Dune 2000 files.
  3. How big are these .dun files? Do you suspect they are some kind of zip-like (or rfd/rfh) like files, with files inside? Are there any files with the same name, but with a different extension (like rfd = file data & rfh = file header)? Or is it just the .dun file (dun = file data & header). Have a look at the .dun files with a hex editor, do you see any filenames? If there's a small .dun file, I'd be willing to have a look at it, perhaps I can decode the file format. I don't have the game (and don't plan on getting it since I don't have time to play it), so you'll have to send me a .dun file. If the .dun file is a file with only the models/script in hex format, then I don't think I can help.
  4. Or look at http://ds.dial.pipex.com/hearle/Games/Dune2.html
  5. Try looking on http://arrakis.dune2k.com/ there should be a link there, or perhaps in the FED2k download section?
  6. The download server was offline ago for a few hours last week (not offline but 503 Quota Exceeded ::)) The links should work now. I'm not sure what kind of problem you are having, are you getting an error message? Which? Perhaps it's already in the FAQ on the TibEd website: http://www.tibed.net . If you still have a problem, you can post it in the TibEd forum on the same site.
  7. How long is Dunesday? In what timezone :D ;) ;D ?
  8. I have only played FF8 & the SNES one's. FF8 has good graphics, but am a bit annoyed by the battle system. FF3 (is it?) is very good, the one with Terra & Locke.
  9. It's not my fault - I just posted on my news page. It doesn't attract *that* much attention ;) ;D
  10. Do you have a file called "rules.txt" in your EmperorDataModel directory? 2nd, did you load a saved game? Changes are designed for skirmish only.
  11. Could post on TibEd.net to attract some RA2/TS people (perhaps), but what exactly should I write? There are mods for Emperor?
  12. ... ... ... Observing and trying to increase post rank ::)
  13. That information has been classified. I've been at it for 2 years now, and it now covers the website bills :)
  14. I'm not making people pay - after 30 days you get a delay of 10s (actually a bit less;) and the editor continues to work. So people who can afford it can register if they want to. But you don't have to.
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