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  1. This TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfBw2-n1KnM&feature=youtu.be ( Select 480p )
  2. Hello, thanks for campaign and i'm waiting other missions. Misssion 1 : When the time finish, this game dont finish ? After again played, when the time finish => game finished lol Nice idea mission 1 Mission 2 : Very good idea, I was forced kill my harvester to sarduakar everyime, i need to restart. After again I understood your campaign, different idea for atreides help. Mission 3 , I dont finish yet Mission 4 : Very hard for me but I enjoyed to use sobetour, I lost starport , 1 rafinary, 1 ligh factory, 4 windtrap.. I saw engineer . I discovered atreides heavy factory
  3. Hi guys, I wasn't logging in for a long time. i download it . i played. i saw a lot of new campaign, good news for me, i will play other campaigns. This campaign like it. Don't hard, but pleasant. Ideas for the player are nice. And finally misson very very hard, i think you are crazy man, Emperor haha they think we are best, in game i saw : " i will be power " and in the finally mission i saw a lot of death hand missle ( three times ) very bad lol but i like it. i saw a lot of devastrator was come Thank you for campaign again. And finally picture
  4. Hi now playing, i hope i wil be very happy:) after i will write feedback
  5. Hello. Thank you for campaign and different perspective, İ like it. i love mercenaries
  6. Hi .Your idea is so beautiful. And story very nice.Betrayal is a surprise. I was excited. I did not expect. I have repeated it a few times. I accepted the betrayal. I like your campaign.i am waiting for more difficult missions :))))really best for me your mods..Thank you again.
  7. Hi everybody I'm making a new campaign. I share features with you: * Purpose: To re-use all maps of the original game * So you will play with the same map again. I will make some arrangements in the maps * You will perform objectives in task houses. For example ; You will complete it for Atredies missions (Fremen), Harkonnen (Emperor) and Ordos (5 episodes Mercanaries, 4 episodes Smugglers) * There will be allies in the game, our allies will be at the same team. For example, if we are Fremen, our Allies will be Fremen.The most important task is survival of our allies. * There will be lots of Reinforcements in missions * There will be a limited number of buildings. * The campaign's story will be announced when it is published. * As the campaign is set up, images and a few trailers will be added. * I will try to do usefull as much as i can. Keep following me Translate nick: Galaktik Mülteci ( My friend ) Thank you so much * Mustafa Alperen Seki and Galaktik Mülteci will also be helping to me with Translating to English Some pictures
  8. hi cm_blast , i can edit (for time based ...) and i will new campaign , Soon
  9. Hi friend, Mission 1 A different beginning of the mission (due to attacks) Mission 2-3 Nice idea for scenario Mission 4-5-6 i like with play mercanaries. I helped Mis 7 very bad for me lol i saw aborting mission. wrong starport Surprise For me mis 8 I think it was the easiest part of the game mis 9 very very hard for me.everybody enemy !!! i was very attacked Generally: I enjoyed it very much. I like your games. I will wait another campaign. See yaa!
  10. Thank you for campaign. i liked it. Mis 4 sarduakar coming a lot of lol :D I was surprised Mis 5 a lot of reinforciment nice Min 7 i finished only with sarduakar very nice idea . Axlotl Tank is good idea , i always wanted to play with soldiers i like reinforciment everytime. Thank u for game again. now i will play your another campaign
  11. i uploaded. This campaign was pretty hard :D Time Based Smugglers Campaign - Protect Mercenaries !.rar
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