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  1. Hey man, i cant seem to open this file. keeps telling me off. could you maybe do it as a zip file instead please Jasper
  2. hey man im a bit confused with this mission, it states to destroy the ordos front base and the mercenaries will switch sides however to get to that base you have to destroy the mercenaries. how do you do this? jasper
  3. I think it was based on after the 4th mission rather then the mission itself Jasper
  4. Can i have the zips for these please. Dont no id ive actually played them
  5. Hey man Great remake however if its possible can you switch it so that you play as the mercenaries Jasper
  6. reinstalled the game and it works fine. hard to believe it only stopped working when i had two mods installed
  7. Hey man, i reinstalled in and mission 4 is still doing the same thing. i dont no whats wrong with it
  8. Hey man, dont no if its your mod or my laptop but every time i go onto mission 4 of secret plot, it comes up with "mission is a failure" before ive even begun.
  9. could someone put it in a zip file for me pleaseeee. i can open them on my laptop
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