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  1. Oh yeah, I noticed that before, then forgot to fix it. Thanks for pointing it out, it's now in the new update, which is ready here: OrdosCampaign200.7z This also contains the bonus mission 'How to Build a Deviator' as well as all missions (including the bonus one) playable as allied sub-houses.
  2. Oh, hey, I didn't notice those edits, I had notifications on for replies on this post, but they didn't come up, so I didn't realise you'd replied. Sorry about that. I hadn't noticed that with the merc AI, thanks for the heads-up. They'll now start with one light infantry, and one trooper. Hopefully that'll do it. Haha, that'll be my loyalty to the original there. You expect the Starport to be attacked, until consistent attacks on the main base lul you into a false sense of security. Then, right at the end, when the player might have moved their defences, they come gunning for it. V4, the Starport will be attacked more regularly. The original mission 7 was one of my favourite missions in the campaign. My only complaint about it had been that it was too easy, and thus, over too fast, so when I remade it, my main focus was bulking up the enemy. I should have an update on the way in the next day or so, including a bonus mission, set between missions 6 and 7, based on the Ordos having received their Deviators, but not having learned to build them for themselves yet.
  3. Just had one thought... you could avoid coming out and saying it, but hint a lot more strongly if the player thinks there's a pick-up, or reinforcements coming at the end of a timer, or just at an undisclosed time, like 'on their way'. Give the player a feeling that they're still working toward a clear objective. But at the end, have swarms of Imperials come in, and a message along the lines of 'It's too hot, can't come, just run!' or something like that. If you don't wanna put a timer in, maybe just say they'll be there soon, and trigger the end the same way as you do, when they player runs low on money.
  4. By the second reload, I was fairly convinced that I was supposed to be overwhelmed, but I'm stubborn. I also had far too pretty a base to let it get crushed. I have indeed played Freespace. I wondered if you may have been inspired by some of the twist ending in that. It is very reminiscent of that. I would say, S2V1 is more clear as to what's supposed to happen than S2V2. V1, I'd clearly hit the objective, and then something almost comically overpowered hit me. In V2, the overpowering is a bit more subtle, and gives off more of a feeling that it's supposed to be beatable. Especially after I took down the base. I had retreated to the Fremen base before I assaulted the Imperials, but I hit them early, while they were still building. I used a couple of trikes to coax the tanks and Sardaukar out of the base, then crept in with light infantry and grenadiers. If you perhaps included some Siege Tanks that guard only, I don't think there's any way in hell I could have done it. It would also have made it a little more clear that winning was not something I was supposed to be able to do, even eventually. Given V1, I had been expecting another twist ending, but I expected to hit a clear objective first, which is what threw me. The objectives list in S2V2 does state 'Your escort must survive'. The twist ending isn't unprecedented in C&C type games either. There's the Soviet mission in Red Alert in which the Chronosphere you're supposed to capture explodes, even if you do everything right. Just to be clear, I do really love the creativity in this campaign, and aside from getting frustrated with S2V2, I've been very much enjoying it. Aside from hitting the end trigger, the progression all seems about right.
  5. OK, I've got my write up of the first 4 missions ready. That's all I've had time to write up so far, but I'll be sure to post more in the near future. Hoe you found it useful.
  6. Glad you're enjoying it. I'll probably tone O3V3 down a little for the next update. Was meant to be surprisingly hard-hitting for a mission 3, but I may have gone overboard That's a good point, I'll get that in the next update too. Thanks for playing and reviewing Blast. Always nice to get feedback.
  7. I've also realised I left a few structures in control of a separate AI for SOV4, so here's fix for that. Subs.7z
  8. Whoops, I checked all the others, and then tacked on the Smuggles ones as an afterthought. That'll teach me to get lazy :- P @Fey Thanks for fixing that. As for your Smuggles campaign, I'm playing through it. Taking my time though, wanna get the most out of it, and actually have something useful to say about it at the end.
  9. The new maps. Like what comes with Gruntmods for the originals, but for mine.
  10. @WolfHound As requested, here are the missions playable as sub houses. Smugglers for mission 6, and Mercs for missions 7, 8, and 9. Subs.7z
  11. Ahh, I actually wasn't sure what the black was for, but when I looked at the map, I figured there was a reason, so I copied. That explains it. At least done this way, if someone does have an older version or something, it'll still work OK.
  12. :- P 'Best' as in 'most positive'. As far as loyalty to the originals go, these missions are meant to enhance what I liked about them, and downplay what I didn't, so criticism still very much stands. It would defeat the point of making these if I carried all the original flaws over. As you may or may not have noticed, some are more loyal to the originals than others. For a lot of them I've got the V3 more loyal, and the V4 taking a bit more artistic licence.
  13. This may just be the best review I've seen you give Fey. Thanks for taking the time write all this up. Thanks for the review. Looking forward to seeing what you think of the rest.
  14. Some of the AI's are copied straight over, some aren't.
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