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  1. just finished , I loved the diffrent idea, enemy evertime coming a lot of, thanks ! I had fun
  2. thank for feedback fdias :) , i wanted to do different missions.i will create another campaign when i free. i have some questions for better campaign ;) - which mission was difficult ? - did you like mis 7 ?
  3. i finished your campaing, final mission very different idea, i loved, thank you ! different missions very nice ;)
  4. If you understand my englısh ın game, help me for edıt, ı want :) and any questıons ask here ıf you for campaıgn
  5. Hı fıdıas , you are rıght,ı want good englısh learn but now my englısh poor, only ı dıd for understand. I hope ıt wıll enough.
  6. Good ıdea good job dato, thank for work !
  7. Hı feda you are rıght, ıt was ımpossıble some mıssıon and was tıleset bad :D ı'm waıtıng your new campaıgn, ın my campaıgn mıs 9 before lıke shıt game XD. Adn thanks Djbaskan, have fun
  8. ! ooo good news. i'm waiting feda, you're successful
  9. ooooooo very different campaing. thank bro, i liked it but sometimes very hard game :D but very enjoyed ! mis 4 /6 really nice , im now mis 7 :D
  10. Hi guys ! i finished my campaign , before i created Test Campaing only 6 mission. Now it's ready İ I tried all of them, easy, normal, hard game. -Some tileset problem : fixed -Some interesting and incomprehensible ( : :D />) missions fixed -And fixed information ! - And i used two maps in Dune 2000 campaña Fremen. " i saw , he told you can use, thank you bro ! " -And now my english better , i think you will understand me : :) -i didn't create new map. İt's ready, I made some changes, Story : Smugglers are mercenaries and betrayed. Ordos was their largest. This Ordos did not protect
  11. Mission 3: this is first upload. my internet has a problem. only now reinforcements attack. to be continued. and I will learn the fix text messages. and which program good for video ? Screen Font Too Small . my program is CamStudio
  12. no no no aka. I wanted to say you are better than me about the tileset. Also, I'am playing now atreides campaign.( now 5 mission ) tileset good , fix text messages good, all of them good :D you are best :)there is not mistake , ı don't see yet
  13. good job aka. ı'am waiting. I want to see good tileset :D Tileset is very big problem for me :D when it will be okay ? maybe ??? :)
  14. thanks a lot guys. aka if you want i can sent to video for mission 3 :D and another mission :D They are ready :) Mission 3 : every time be speed ! :) if you be speed it will be okay ! dune 2000 is strategic game . moonlight friend yes you are right ( for second mission ) sorry I surprised. Smugglers is Sub-houses. they must be too hard :) yes djbaskan for mission 6 you must be lucy :) my tileset very bad. after it will be good 'Very funny, in the 2nd mission I saw some spice having mercs color, yellow, and some other spice having ordos teal color xD' :D very interesting Edit : I tested to
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