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  1. Isn't that you in the background?
  2. Ixer Man

    If you died.....

    I'd name someone my heir to continue my manipulation of the Dutch.
  3. Says you can't sign up...
  4. Your objective is simple: Site Blocked
  5. Ixer Man


    hehehehehehe, the Dutch still belive they're in control...
  6. They somehow found out I was captain manerwang from dad's army! Curses!
  7. I like cheese I like cheese I eat cheese directly out of the cheese wiz cans.
  8. Just what is it exactly? I've heard of it, but I'm in the dark about what it is.
  9. G-mail...is it like e-mail?
  10. I'm not a "picture-of-me" poster But I'm a poster of images in-game.
  11. I'm wearing clothes. I just can't describe myself.
  12. Ixer Man

    The Summer

    Staying home. I'd look for a job, but I wouldn't get one.
  13. I'm wearing glasses. Never was good at describing even myself.
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