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  1. 642: You hold a toy laser pistol (lasgun) to your computer every time you use it (just in case it tries anything) 643: You immerse your grandfathers worm farm in water to make the 'water of life' 644: You try to breed trout that can live on land so you can recreate Dune in your backyard 645: You call your arch nemesis Baron or Feyde 646: You become convinced schzophrenics are Bene Gesserits 647: You want to study the language of the Islamayat 648: You turn your garden into a prize-winning dustbowl 649: You use your scientific calculator as a poison snooper 650: You demand people to call you duke, baron or emperor 651: You call yourself Muad'dib ;) 652: You continually compare your looks to Paul Atreides Phew! I hope no-one's thought of these yet, I didn't have time to look over the whole thread
  2. I think Emperor is balanced but I think that from an Atreides point of view because I completely suck at the other two houses. I'm not sure about the subhouses though
  3. damiok


    I'm new here but I just wanted to say that there is an atrocious amount of misspellings when it comes to Dune words. I mean, we're supposed to be fans and we can't even spell Gom Jabbar correctly. This is just an observation so I don't mean to point any fingers at anyone. ;D
  4. damiok


    But in Chapterhouse they talk about the old ways or something like that (in the first chapter or alittle after I think)
  5. My name is Muad'Dib and as you can see I'm a dune fanatic
  6. I've read most of the novels (just started Chapterhouse) and I have to say that my favourite is Heretics of Dune. I mean I really like the Tleilaxu and their more explained in this book, plus the transformation of Miles Teg (pity he had to die though :'( although he's reborn as a Ghola, YAY! :)) I also really enjoyed the rest of them, in fact I don't think any came across as bad.
  7. damiok

    Dune Dying?

    Although I'm only 15 years old, I've grown up with Dune. When I was six I saw the David Lynch movie, I was awestruck and immediately set about procuring the novels. My Dad already had Children of Dune and it took me ages to find the first book. When I started reading I found it too complex for me but eventually, only recently, mind, I have begun re-reading every novel. I am just beginning Chapterhouse and so far I do not believe Dune is dead.
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