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  1. I take it anyone who doesn't look at these boards will miss out on the new land share.
  2. Viq

    Gmail VS Hotmail

    Ahah, thanks a lot.
  3. Viq

    Gmail VS Hotmail

    My hotmail is 250MB, and i haven't paid a penny. This puzzles me somewhat.
  4. Mocks are the previous years final examinations which we have to take in January to give us a rough estimation of what out results will be in the final examinations in June. The system might work, but it sucks none the less. I wish they could just postpone christmas until after the mocks, other wise it's revision in a one horse open sleigh for me...
  5. I thought that eventually the TNC's would take over in the furure, or is that just misinformation?
  6. 1. Emperor: Battle for Dune 2. No Mocks 3. No Final Examinations You notice how i want Emperor more than nething else...
  7. Viq

    Halo 2 released!

    Forgiven or not, has neone got an answer to my query??
  8. Viq

    Halo 2 released!

    Ahhh! Sorry Didn't occur to me that some people might not have completed it yet.... Will you ever forgive me???
  9. Viq

    Halo 2 released!

    Yo, got a little problem. In the storyline, the first time you see Gravemind, he is on Halo 2, right? He then teleports the Chief to the mauseleum, in the big covanent mushroom ship, right? (How does he do that neway??) As I recall, the ship never lands on Halo 2, so how does Gravemind get to the ship in the last movie? What gigantic revelation have i missed??
  10. Are we all talking about Canada and the US as countries or the individual people in those countries. It's tight to say that evreyone in Canada ot the US is charitable/bush haters/or whatever else you want to say.
  11. well, to get back onto topic, what so wrong with the ordos, apart from the fact that they aren't in the book?
  12. Thx for that Erjin. So where would u bump the board to if u could, Shiroko?
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