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  1. If the BG and Mentats were real people and organizations... they probably would be more rational. But they're not real people, they're not even people... they're characters. Having characters act rational (or trying to) all the time would make for a boring story. Honor, revenge, the lives of royal families, traditions (or the breaking of them)... people (real people) like these things in stories. It makes the story bigger, better for many readers. I'm not trying to be flippant... I just don't know if the concepts Emperor H is trying to explore can be really connected to a story like Dune, beca
  2. Maybe the entire family had to move because Leto I had to rule Dune himself, he didn't have a family member of age to act as a proxy. The Baron had two. Or one (the Beast) and then two (I think Feyd was going to be 18 by the time it was his turn to rule Dune).
  3. Lord Johnsonius: Thanks for the welcome. I love this forum, just not much of a poster. I started out on Star Trek (which I still love), then Star Wars (meh)... but nothing, NOTHING, in sci-fi compares to Dune. Lawliet: Amazon.com is, pretty much, the greatest thing ever. I'm reading Children of Dune on my Kindle for PC right now, then plan to download all the Elric of Melnibone books next. Saying that... I still get that "finding buried treasure" feeling when I find a FH book I haven't read at a used bookstore.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm mostly a lurker, haven't posted in a long time, but I'm in the mood (I know, I know... mood is for cattle and love play). Anyway, I think I've read most of FH's non-Dune stuff. Started White Plague... couldn't get into it, but will try again. Tried the WorShip novels... they still make my head hurt. I need to get Hellstrom's Hive, Dragon in the Sea, Direct Descent, and Eye (and a few others). I like reading his non-Dune stuff, because it gives me so much insight into Dune. For example, The Dosadi Experiment. In Dune, we get a brief look into FH's theme of "harsh environments
  5. Sure... more stylized would be great! When I made it, all I saw was an eye... but I see what you mean. But, an eye/planet, planet/eye might work as well. BTW, I still have the Photoshop file, with it's layers... if anybody wants it. At first, I thought the Eyes of Ibad were like what they had in the movie and SciFi series. But after reading all the books (Frank's books, that is), I realized that both the iris AND the whites were a deep blue (the "blue-in-blue")... that one wouldn't have a visible distinction between the two. If the pupils were blue... it would mean that, either the lens was co
  6. Yeah, the Bene Gesserit aren't the funniest group around. I was trying to come up with something clean and simple... using the colors I associate with the BG... blues and black. Something just didn't sit right with me with the "book and snake" logo. The snake seems evil... and I don't see the BG as evil. I know seeing the snake as evil is a simple, base reaction... must be the old Catholic in me. Plus, this is for a boardgame. When your piece lands on that image/space... there would be no doubt on what it represents.
  7. I agree that the BG probably wouldn't have a crest... distaste of adornment, and all that. Here's the idea I have. Instead of trying to explain it, I just did it in Photoshop. Please feel free to use it. If not... no biggie. Hope you like it. To me, it can represent three things: The incredible awareness of the BG, The powers they gain from the spice, The goal of all sisters to become a Reverend Mother <a href="http://picasaweb.google.com/Gowachin/BGLogo/photo#5069847602836008770"><img src="http://lh3.google.com/image/Gowachin/Rlu3iJhn70I/AAAAAAAAAG4/7xFblZYtvSo/s800/BGlogo.jpg" />
  8. Awwww...Newt, you're so sweet! ;D I really want to, and fully intend to, post something on our wiki. But I gotta re-read Frank's books, first. I haven't played any of the games, and I can't re-read Brian's books... and reading this forum (and the wiki), I have realized that alot of what I have on Dune in my head is fuzzy or flat-out wrong. If I am going to post to the wiki... it needs to be as correct as possible... I don't want to pull something outta my ass just fill the wiki with articles. Thanx for the encouragement, tho! :)
  9. Has anybody checked this out? I found it through Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki. http://dune.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page
  10. Good God! You mean there is a 'Space Oprah'!! Does 'Earth Oprah' know about this? Will they battle like Godzilla and Mecha-Godzilla? Our beautiful blue marble might be destroyed!! Just kidding! Seriously... I don't think I'll ever stop getting insights from Dune and Frank's other books. I simply have never read anything like his stuff. It blows me away, and it has changed my life! Granted, I still have a lot of books to read! Thanks for sharing, TMA... and glad it makes you happy. It does me too!
  11. http://arts.guardian.co.uk/news/story/0,,1730828,00.html I wonder which side is true? Personally, I believe what Matt Stone saying is on-the-ball... I see too many people willing to poke fun at anothers religion, and not thier own. Anyway... I will miss Chef.
  12. Yep... there it is on page 13. Truthsayer drug. Kull Wahad! Now, I'm confused!
  13. Really? I thought it did. And I don't remember it specifically saying that it was the truthsayer drug that killed all those who died trying. It's been a while since I've read Dune, I could totally be mistaken. I'll have dig out my Dune and check it out. It's packed away!
  14. To me, the Encyclopedia is personally canon. I wouldn't try to convince others that it is offically canon. I really don't care... though I certainly think it has more of the spirit of Frank's work then the books by his son. I also only take sections of it as my canon. I have incorporated almost everything written in the Encyclopedia about the Bene Gesserit into my understanding of the Bene Gesserit... where as I totally dismiss other articles such as the one on the Tyrant that suggests he is nothing but an 8 year-old spoiled brat in a 3500 year-old body. Then we have the statement that RM Moha
  15. And her decision caused the Bene Gesserit thousands of years of suffering. First under Maud'Dib, then the Tyrant. She became the "Heretic" and started the long lesson that the Atreides would teach the Bene Gesserit. It was a hard lesson, but one that the BG needed to learn... and I believe that Taraza and, especially, Odrade did learn that lesson... at least a little.
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