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  1. Hi, ı create new mission but how can ı write objective?
  2. Hi, how can ı create my own mission?
  3. This is impossible, no much time, my base destroy in 2 minutes.
  4. pcman

    About trainer

    I dwnload Money Maker trainer from here, http://dune2k.com/Duniverse/Games/Dune2000/Downloads/Trainers this is exe file , when ı run this file, start installation, some files install under windows/system32 , when installation is complete ı cant found any program or shortcut abaout this trainer? Why? İs it virus or trojan?
  5. pcman

    About trainer

    Hi, what is trainer?
  6. Hi, I cant pass the level 7 harkonen, it is too difficult, every time destroy my base, help me pls.
  7. Hi, the old portable edition download link is not work !! The new vrsion file is to big for me.
  8. Where can ı download dune 2000, is it possible?
  9. hello no one answer me??
  10. Dune II game is free or not free, if it is free where can ı download?
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