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  1. aaand where i can find that guy ?
  2. aKaFedaYkin, Where did you get Luminars AI's? are they not the same as Vanila AI ? if not,can you give me a link too Luminars AI please?
  3. okey,well big thanks for your tutorials :) it really helped
  4. aKaFedaYkin, is there any tutorial how modified in Tibed ?
  5. okey,il try,so i understood,that i can use those colors only on AI,and with base,right? i tryed for a human player,when i tryed build a CY,it throws a crash.
  6. i will be very thankful,if you guys link me that topic )
  7. aKaFedaYkin,thanks,but can you link that post please?
  8. hey there,i just saw this topic,and i have a question: 1. How do i can use random colors on the houses? like in Ixian campaign. i saw some colors in the colorous.uib file. so,how i can use them ? can be done it without Hex Coding?
  9. hi guys,havent been here for a loong time,now i started to creating some missions with my friend,for fun,and i have a question,i cant still understand,how i can put oher colors? for example the IX color,and other random colors ? i found some colors,in colours.uib. How i can use them? P:S: aKaFedaYkin, Thanks for your video tutorials about creating missions,but i think you need a tutorial about using random colors for houses,like th Ixians you made,how i understood,Ixian house is a atreidies house,but only with the other color,can you please make a tutorial to do that
  10. i have a question, i saw on youtube this campaign,and when you are on select mission,there were written IX instead of atreides,and when you select mission,there is a briefing for IX house,well my problem is that i dont have that new stealth tank,and i see the atreides briefing,not those ix,is there any fix for that? (sorry for my bad english)
  11. Can you please update your link? i want to download those missions :)
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