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  1. Welcome. I just started this great old game, 2 days ago, and I can tell you all about it...Dune is VERY hard, especially if you don't know what to do next. I found the following problem during gameplay: I spent around 45 days on Dune so far. I gathered a medium army at Habbanya-Clam sietch (4 soldier icons), and you know very wel, there'z a village nearby, where you can grab weapons and stuff from a smuggler. Now then, I purchased 2 weirding modules from the smuggler, then returned to Habbanya-Clam, which is approximately 20 kilometres away from the village (the distance is very tiny). When I tell my fremen to obtain the weirding modules, they all respond the following: "I don't think we can found krys knives around this area" God DAMN it, I just bought you weirding modules, at a spitting distance! Who asked you to start wanderin' the desert for krys knives!? No matter which fremen chief I order, they just don't want to grab the weirding modules from the village with the "Go & find equipment". If I order them to move (Move troop), they all say that they don't want to go into the village, but if necessary, they'll pick up the equipment. And guess what - they don't, just standing there like a big prick. Anyone else met this error before? If so, how can I get my fremen pick up the purchased weaponry?
  2. I certainly hope so. These preludes were so fascinating and yet shocking, I simply couldn't put them away.
  3. ...you desintegrate your hamburger for its water instead of eating it.
  4. This laser-shield problem...why didn't they use plasma rifles or such? Besides, plasma is a lot more effective than lasers (it consumes more energy though)
  5. All right, now I get it :) Okay, thank you!
  6. Thank you...I could not find House Corrino book so far, I live in Hungary, and there are quite few bookstores here. Trust me, I would gladly read it. Now tell me, what are the main purpose of the axolotl tanks, and their working mechanism? In fact, what are axolotl tanks REALLY are? It's imperative for me to have these informations, it seems I couldn't get it at first time :S Sorry... Oh yes...and why only women? Does this have any special purpose?
  7. Greetings folks, may I have a few questions? I recently finished the "House Harkonnen" preludium to Dune. It seriously shocked me. Man, how I HATE those God damned Tleilax fragbaits! Answer me these: Why did the Tleilax fragbaits have kidnapped several young girls? Will the Ix be liberated? Thank you, folks.
  8. Can you tell me 'bout building on white sand? As a repay, here is a little somethin'... Can someone explain this to me??? Buildings lost 0??? More bugs: - Cheaper Sardaukar trick (See corresponding topic) - Free vehicles trick (Dirty Deviator trick,see corresponding topic) - Invulnerable light infantry (See "Strange events" topic) - Computer orders 5 MCVs for no reason, they're just struggling forwards and backwards on his base - Silo cheat with something expensive - Silo cheat with Starport - Modified Outpost can be sold - Modified Outpost will not give you new construction options - Smugglers remain neutral when you run over them - Mercenaries will not desert when they suffer heavy casualty (however, it happens very rarely) - Computer trains 1 Thumper Infantry when 95% of his base is destroyed, meaningless command - Computer will not use units got from crates - Units sometimes move forward instead of shooting (very annoying, experienced at slower units) - Spice bloom wipes out sand dunes - Carryalls are invulnerable when carrying something - Computer trains an Engineer and tries to use it as an attack unit on your units (it goes near your unit, and since he has no weapons, he just stands there. Computer is not quite well informed about Engineers has no weapons) - Atreides units arrive after "Atreides has been eliminated!" message (in the spice collecting mission with Ordos) I think that is all. If y'have more bugs to tell, don't hold them back!
  9. Thank you! And it's nice to see you too! :) Well, I was really curious about what are they doing with the Death Hand missile when the Palace is built, somehow I couldn't get it out of my head. Yes, I was sure it has something to do with the "preparing", but I never heard the word "prepping" so far, it sounded "rapig" for me, especially if I play wit' House Ordos. And yes, the word "root" fits in the last Ordos mission cutscene very well (my first thought was the "whole" word, but it didn't make any sense). I think the last Ordos mission cutscene is completed now. I don't know if these transition briefings can be modified, at least Edric O's voice is originally artificial, it's nice, but some words cannot be understood so easily. And yes,the background distortion noises are really disturbing.
  10. I know, more than 3 months have passed, but I wouldn't open a new topic for this... You know, if you build the Harkonnen Palace, the background voice says something: "Death Hand missile ???????". Now, I want to know, what the hell the last word is! You know...you put the Harkonnen Palace to its respective place,and then the background voice says this "Death Hand missile ........" sentence. Please, will somebody answer what is that word? Someone...
  11. But there is! Trust me, it works for me without any flaws. Since I also can't "activate" maps, I had to delete some old ones,and replace'em wit' my new ones. I may post you some screenie-shotties if you don't believe me...
  12. If you're having serious problems by adding your maps or downloaded maps to Dune 2000, or the map editor you use will not "activate" them, here'z what y'can do: 1) First of all, save your map in MAP format. Not SH2, use the MAP format. 2) Use your map editor to open existing maps on the Dune 2000's MAPS directory. You may find it in the DATA directory. Since there are many different block styles, you need to choose a level, which has the same blockstyle as YOUR level has. For example, the map "Tenaya" uses BLOXXMAS blockstyle, with different scenery, different rocks, etc. Your map must be made in BLOXXMAS style, or else it'll be scrubbed and look unimaginibly ugly (you can still run it though, but it won't be a pleasant game). Here is a little help for each level's special blockstyle: FILENAME INGAME LEVEL TILESET --------------------------------------- 2PLAY11 Jacarutu BloxTree 2PLAY12 Fondak BloxBase 2PLAY13 (unknown) BloxXmas 2PLAY14 (unknown) BloxXmas 4PLAY8 Halleck's ridge BloxXmas 4PLAY9 Baron's court BloxXmas 6PLAY3 Mauddib's cave BloxWast 6PLAY4 Thufir's point BloxXmas 6PLAY5 Tenaya BloxXmas All other levels are in "BloxBgbs" style. Unfortunately, this trick cannot be done with levels built in "BloxBat, BloxIce" or other different blockstyles which weren't mentioned before. 3) Find the map file in the MAPS directory, whose blockstyle is the same with your level's blockstyle, and delete that file. Yes, I mean in, delete that original map file. Example: You made a level in BloxWast style. Then you need to find "6PLAY3.MAP", and delete it. After that, find your map, and rename it to 6PLAY3.MAP. Do NOT use the map editor's "Save as" utily, it will make Dune 2000 crash. Don't worry if your map is smaller or bigger than the original was, it doens't matter at all. 4) Run Dune 2000, and search for the modified map. If you replaced "6PLAY3.MAP", you need to run "Mauddib's cave". If you made everything properly,the map shall work. In case any problems occur, report them, I shall try to find a solution.
  13. Right-click on the application, select "Properties" and "Compatibility". Switch to Windows 98 or if it fails, Windows 95. If it still doesn't work, restart your computer.
  14. Well, there is a very little problem with this tactic... Of course your Heavy factory will be "free", but Refineries cost a bit more, plus, its building is slower than a normal Harvester. And by building something with your Heavy factory, there'z a fair chance that you "steal" the money from the Refinery you just build in the same time. Secondary, selling the Refinery won't give you back many cash, since you have the Harvester, and you cannot get back its price. In Medium skill level, you get back only $150, since the Refinery itself costs $300, and every time you sell somethin', you get the half of its price only. So any time y'do this, y'lose $150.
  15. Ahh, my sweet own topic again :) I forgot to tell you some important notes. - Sometimes (well...often) you don't even need to capture the Harkonnen Hi-tech to obtain these Sardaukars. I found out that in some cases, when the opponent actually has the Hi-tech facility when you capture the Barracks, you'll get the Sardaukars anyway. Funny,eh? But sometimes you just have to capture the Hi-tech facility too. This strange happening also can occur at the Stealth Raiders and Grenadiers. So if y'wanna be sure that y'll get that very special weapon, don't capture the Hi-tech first, but let it in one piece until y'hear the "New construction options" message. - Sometimes you don't even need to sell the Harkonnen Barracks. When I was playin' on Hard, I noticed that if I capture the very first Harkonnen Barracks, and don't sell it, the Sardaukars cost $150 (it's $120 in Medium skill level of course). - As I said, the cheaper Sardaukar costs $150 in Hard skill level. It would cost $250 normally, so you actually save $100 (it's only $80 in Medium skill level). - If you're playin' wit' Harkonnen, y'cannot use this trick of course.
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