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  1. Looks comlicated, I wouldn't like it.
  2. I wouldn't know, Believe me.
  3. kkbrando

    The game of E3

    Ghost sounds, Well... How can i say this... Ummm....I I dont really know how i can say this Doc.
  4. Call of Duty and Battlefielf Vietnam are the two current games that I play online.
  5. I dont really have anything to say about that.
  6. kkbrando

    Best Tank

    Lep 2 is all i have to say.
  7. Congratz, your good buddy Gobbie lives there!
  8. Lol Thats one confident kitty!!
  9. kkbrando

    Funny quotes

    LoL That was hilarious... Wanna go camping Doc? lol J/K!!!
  10. TampaBay all the way!
  11. May i suggest Going to Dell and asking if they can show you how to build a Dimension Desktop
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