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  1. Hell, if that happened to me then I'd look like that little boy. And I wonder why that thing didn't come for him ;) I'm scared....
  2. Hi, I'm the useless blob of goo that sits around doing nothing all day. I occasionaly post on anything that takes my fancy. My computer crashed, and that interrupted my posting on this site. Anyway I'm blabbing. Welcome to FED2k, and if anyone starts giving you trash just let good ole' (or should I call him young?) Gob know.
  3. A ranking system would be good too. Yes I am alive, I just became separated from the Fed2k link when my computer crashed.
  4. Maybe we should vote or something? ???
  5. Me too. I like the fremen image.
  6. I started visiting after Dune 2000 came out, about 1999. But I didn't join.
  7. This may be posted or listed somewhere else but..... How do you stick a banner or a picture in your signature? If it is listed somewhere else then I apologize for my laziness.
  8. On Dune 2000, there is a file with heaps of spare pics in it. If you tweak them up a bit they could look origonal. I hope. Just an idea.
  9. HOUSE ATREIDES!!!!!!! They may be a bit different but the value HONOUR0!!!!!!!!!! And good wine and loyalty and snipers.......... :D OH! And minotaurs............... ;D
  10. What is the point of hidden text? My most hated infantry would be..... The Sniper. They're good fun when you control them, just not when the opponent does.
  11. For some reason I recall the name Duke Achillus Atreides from somewhere. Seriously I do. Also Baron Rakon Harkonnen pops into my head. I don't know why, they just ring a bell...... ???
  12. How about a heirachy? Each house would have a House command (All the C in C's and what not) then house gaurds, the army, and finally the civillians. That or some other such thingy. But I'm still an ignorant newb. :-[
  13. I would advise everyone joining a pre-existing house (Atreides Harkonnen and so forth), up to an agreed amount of people (say 20), and once all the other factions are filled up, start creating new ones. But I'm just an ignorant newb, what do I know. :-[
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